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Technical Questions 

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Why can't I access your site on certain computers?
Some computer networks use "firewalls to restrict traffic to and from the Internet. Businesses sometimes use firewalls to block traffic that is not directly business-related. In other cases, individual computers may have filtering software installed to block out objectionable Web sites. Such software is normally intended to block out sexually explicit or violent Web sites, but occasionally they may unintentionally block other sites. If you use filtering software, you may need to make explicit exceptions to access the sites you want. If your organization's network blocks sites you need to access, consult with your network administrator.

What do I need to view a webcast or streaming video?
We recommend using a high speed Internet connection. On a 56K or slower connection, you will definitely experience a loss of video and audio quality. In addition, the video may stop and start or be difficult to follow at times.
For more information on multimedia issues, please see our Multimedia Help Page.

Why do I see JavaScript errors when I access a Web page?
Older Web browsers cannot process JavaScript and dynamic HTML properly. For best results, make sure your browser is the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may also need to download Java from Oracle.

 I am trying to access a Virtual Tour or other resource on the site but am being told I need a "plug-in." What does this mean?
Some of the resources on our site may require a special program that your browser uses to access them. Such a program is called a plug-in. In most cases, the page that features such a resource will contain instructions for downloading and installing the plug-in if you need it.

 I am trying to open a PDF file but it's not working.
Many documents on this Web site are presented to you in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. These files require Adobe Reader to open them. Most computers now come with Adobe Reader already installed on them. If you need a copy of the program, you may download it free.

 Why does nothing happen when I click on an email address to send an email?
When clicked, email links should launch your email application so you can send an email message. But for this to work, your browser must be configured to recognize your email application and that application must be compatible with your browser.

To configure your browser to work with an email application:

- In Microsoft Internet Explorer - Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options." In the pop-up window, click on the "Programs" tab, and select an email application from the pull-down menu. The pull-down menu will only display applications that are already installed and configured on your system.

Clicking an email cannot launch a Web-based email service such as Gmail or Yahoo mail.

If my browser displays errors, does it mean my computer has a virus?
Maybe, but not likely. Your computer should be equipped with an up-to-date anti-virus program that will block viruses before they can infect your system. (You must update the software on a regular basis to protect your system from the most recently created viruses.)
If you have a technical question or problem not answered here, please use our Contact Us form.


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