Why Choose a Nursing Career at Sentara?
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Why Choose a Nursing Career at Sentara? 

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Nursing at Sentara
Why Choose a Nursing Career with Sentara?
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There are three keys to Sentara's status as an employer of choice.

Culture of Safety
Multidisciplinary Teams
Advanced Technology
Culture of Safety
Watch now to learn more about the Culture of Safety at Sentara

Imagine a workplace as passionate about patient safety as you are...that's what you'll find in all settings throughout Sentara Healthcare. In the hospitals, homecare, nursing homes and in assisted living, patient safety is a core value.

Sentara hospitals are accredited by DNV Healthcare, Inc. DNV accreditation addresses the demands of quality-driven hospitals that are dedicated to patient-centered care. This accreditation is important because it confirms that Sentara is meeting Medicare and Medicaid’s standards to be a provider of healthcare services to those programs and that the National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) standards and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards are met.

This award was given for the innovative work done in Sentara to build a culture of safety. Safety is a key focus for everyone in Sentara, including nursing staff, physicians, managers and executives.

Everyone in Sentara is expected to practice five behaviors that are known to reduce human error:

1. Demonstrate a questioning attitude: This means validating or "thinking again"...does this make sense to me? And verify details by checking with an expert source.

2.  Pay attention to detail: This means using techniques to focus attention before acting.

3.  Communicate clearly: This includes behaviors such as reading back telephone orders and other important instructions, as well as clarifying sound-alike words and numbers.

4.  Practice effective handoffs: In the delivery of patient care, it is important that clinicians practice complete handoffs...shift-to-shift, unit-to-unit...and anytime responsibility is transferred.

5.  Never leave your wingman: This phrase is taken from the practice of pilots who fly in formation with fellow wingmen. For Sentara, it means that members of the team will always check others and expect others will check with them. This is also called Peer Coaching and Peer Checking.

Everyone in Sentara must demonstrate these five behaviors in the workplace.

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