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Healthy Heart Program  

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Wellness Programs

This self-paced program includes a guide for a healthy heart, a healthy heart yoga booklet and a guided meditation CD. 

Your "Guide to a Healthy Heart" tells you what you need to know about heart disease, what your risk factors are, how to talk to your doctor and how you can take charge of your cardiovascular health. 

The Healthy Heart Yoga booklet helps you begin stretching and strengthening exercises. 

Meditation CDs. The music and words provide a 20-minute retreat from everyday stressors by helping to bring about a feeling of tranquility.

More ways to improve heart health:


-- "Guided Rainbow Meditation -- A Journey Towards Health."  Listen now or download.  Order a copy of this CD by calling 1-800-SENTARA.



-- "Guided Meditation: A Journey Toward Health." Listen now or download.


--  Heart Healthy Yoga DVD intended for those capable of moderate physical activity and is designed to help participants:
 Maintain cardiovascular health
 Strengthen bodies
 Relax mentally and physically
 Manage stress

-- Healthy Heart Chair Yoga DVD for those with limited mobility. The DVD is intended for people who need stretching and strengthening exercises yet have difficulty getting up and down from the floor. The goals are to:
Strengthen the body
Relax mentally and physically
Manage stress

Call 1-800-SENTARA to register for the Heart Healthy program and any program to improve heart health.



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