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Get important health information straight from the experts at Sentara. Read expert columns written by Sentara physicians, and listen to Sentara Health Minute audio snippets covering an array of health topics.

General Health Information

Are You Paying Dearly For Your Night's Sleep?

Avoiding Germs 

\Advance Medical Directives Help With End-of-Life Healthcare Decisions

Baby Boomers: The Impact of Your Health on the Healthcare System and What You Can Do to Make a Difference

Delivering Quality Medicine in an Electronic World

Get Checked for Diabetes: You May Have It and Not Know

Home Care: There’s No Place Like Home...Even for Health Care

Immunizations Are Worth Considering at Any Age

Managing Spring Allergy and Asthma Symptoms in Hampton Roads: One of the Top 10 “Asthma Capitals”

More Bang for Your Buck with Occupational Medicine

Nurse Advice Lines Help Consumers Decide What To Do When Health Concern Arises

Pediatric Health Coaching Helps Improve Childrens’ Wellness

Reducing Your Chance of Developing a Chronic Disease

Why Does it Hurt When I Yawn? TMJ Pain?



Behavior Health/Stress

Breast/Women's Health

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Reduce Stress, Increase Joy: Health Ways to Manage the Holidays

Are You Addicted to Facebook?

Breast Cancer Risks and Prevention 

Nationally Accredited Breast Centers 

Who's reading your mammogram? 

Mammograms save lives 


Heart Health

Beat the Heat at Summer Sports Camps

Five Tips to Help Jumpstart a Walking / Running Program

Get up and Get Moving - The Benefits of Walking with Purpose


  Brushing and Flossing Each Day May Keep Heart Problems Away

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Sentara 

Question From the Heart: Are Men and Women Really Different?

Pregnancy Complications Point to Warning Signs of Future Heart Disease

Recognizing a Heart Attack

Responding to Heart Attack with AEDs

Take Heart for the Holidays

Take Heart: Restoring Quality of Life for Patients with Advanced Cardiac Disease

Time is a Muscle



3 Ways Health Incentive Accounts Can Save You Money

The Economy Got You Down? Utilize Your Health Plan's Employee Assistance Program for Support

Health Care Reform a Long Way to Go Pending Supreme Court Ruling

How Small Businesses Can Get the Best Value for Their Health Insurance Dollar

Individual or Cobra Insurance? How do you Choose?

Saving Money on Healthcare by Saving Your Health

Searching for Health Insurance Online

The Value of Health Coaches

Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Five Misconceptions About Stroke

Stroke Signs and Symptoms

Stroke Risk Factors

Preventing Strokes 

Treatment for Strokes - Don't Wait 


Pharmacy and Medication

5 Steps to Avoid Arthritis

Hand Health: Options for Dupuytren’s Contracture

Is the JIFFY HIP* Right for You?

What Can You Do to Keep Your Joints Healthy for Life?


Generic Drugs: A Smart Way to Reduce Healthcare Costs

The List That May Save Your Life (medication checklist)


Trauma & Emergency

Cooler Weather Heats up Carbon Monoxide Concerns

Holiday Safety

The Golden Hour



Urinary Incontinence is no Laughing Matter

You Don't Have to Life with Incontinence

Top Option for Prostate Cancer Also Little Used

Varicose Vein Treatments

Weight Loss


Selecting a Weight Loss Surgery Program 

Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes 

Candidates for Weight Loss Surgery 


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