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Day of Surgery
Please follow these pre-operative instructions to help our team provide all patients with high quality medical care in a safe environment:
Arrive 2 hours before your scheduled surgery. Exception: Patients scheduled for 7:30 a.m. surgery please report at 6 a.m. 
 If you take high blood pressure, seizure, breathing, heart condition or thyroid medication take your regular dose with as little water as possible, unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon. 
 Remember: follow your surgeons instructions for taking your insulin/diabetic pills the morning of surgery. 
 Please bring your own insulin, inhaler and blood pressure medications if taken more than once per day. If you use a sleep apnea machine or equipment, please bring it with you and inform your nurse upon arrival. 
 Bring a list of your medications (not the actual pills) including medication name, dosage amount and frequency. Be sure to include over-the-counter medications, vitamin supplements and herbal products. 
 Bring your insurance identification card, papers or x-rays given to you by your surgeon, or any laboratory results/medical records you have obtained. 
 Bring any medical directives, living will, medical power of attorney, and any signed consent forms.
Wear comfortable, casual clothing. Clothing should allow for easy undressing and dressing. We provide a surgical gown and slippers. 
 Do not bring valuables, jewelry, and/or excessive amounts of cash or credit cards. Limit cash to no more than $5. 
 Do not wear any jewelry to include any body piercings. 
 Please bring appropriate containers to store items like dentures, glasses, wigs, etc. 
 Do not bring contact lenses. If you need to bring them, remember their storage case. 
 Avoid using makeup (cosmetics), aerosol sprays, perfumes, deodorants or skin creams.

Upon Arrival 
 If you are pre-registered, proceed directly to the second floor surgical waiting area reception desk. 
 Our staff will greet, check-in and verify the information on your identification bracelet is correct prior to placing the bracelet on your arm. 
 Please note all patients having surgery are at an increased risk for falls due to medications they will receive during surgery. Each patient will receive a pink armband to remind all staff and families to help keep you safe from falling.

Pre-Operative (Pre-OP) 
 From the reception area, you will be escorted to an assigned room and provided with a surgical gown. 
 Our Registered Nurses will be conducting your clinical check-in and interview prior to surgery. 
 To include review of your medical history, any changes since your pre-admission testing appointment, and your discharge instructions are initiated. 
 You will be asked to confirm adult transportation/care upon discharge and for the first 24 hours. 
You will be required to sign/confirm consents for your scheduled surgery and anesthesia. 
 You will be asked to confirm and verify your surgical site with the nurse and physicians. 
 A Nurse will start an IV in your arm. This catheter will be inserted into a vein to maintain fluid balance during the procedure and to administer medications.

Meeting Your Anesthesiologist
Be sure to tell your anesthesiologist (or nurse anesthetist) about any past problems you have experienced with any type of anesthetic. Let your anesthesiologist know if you are breastfeeding, because some anesthetics can cross over into breast milk.

After reviewing your test results and speaking with your surgeon, your anesthesiologist will speak with you before surgery and ask important questions. The anesthesiologist will explain the anesthesia type or local anesthetic you will be receiving, how it is administered and the risks.

Your anesthesiologist is a credentialed Sentara CarePlex Hospital (SCH) medical staff member and is committed to providing patients with quality, comfort and exceptional surgical services. SCH is equipped with state-of-the-art operating equipment and qualified staff specialized in surgery and prepared for all emergencies.

Please call (757) 736-9675 for additional information from a pre-admissions nurse.

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