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Structural heart disease is any abnormality caused by damage to the heart muscle or the heart valves that prevent the heat from beating efficiently. This heart damage can be formed at birth or later in life resulting from an infection, heart attack damage or decreased valve functioning with age. The most common type is heart valve problems, or heart valve disease.

Heart Valve Disease
Valvular heart disease is any condition that disrupts the proper function of the valve. There are four valves in the heart which help keep blood flowing in a forward direction as the various chambers of the heart squeeze or fill. Normal heart valves open fully to allow blood to flow in a forward direction through the heart and close tightly to prevent blood from flowing backward.

There are two general types of valve disease. If the valve does not open properly, the forward flow is restricted. This is called stenosis. If the valve fails to close properly, backward flow is not prevented when the heart pumps. This is called regurgitation or insufficiency.

In either case, forward flow is reduced and symptoms such as breathlessness, weakness, dizziness and fainting can occur.

Figure 1: Normal heart valves.
Normal heart valves





Figure 2: Normal heart valves during ventricular relaxation. Top view and side view.
Normal heart valves during ventricular relaxation





Figure 3: Normal heart valves during ventricular contraction. Top view and side view.
Normal heart valves during ventricular contraction





Figure 4: Heart with valvular disease. 
Heart with valvular Disease





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