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Adult Volunteer Program 

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Thank you for your interest in being an adult volunteer at Sentara Leigh  Hospital. Volunteer opportunities are available in clinical and non-clinical settings at both onsite and offsite hospital locations.

Adult volunteers can help in various capacities including:
Information desk
Surgery waiting room
Nursing units
Breast center
Gift shop
Surgery center (pre- and post-recovery)

Process and Requirements 
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Sentara Leigh Hospital, you must complete an applicationalong with a variety of requirements. Below is more detailed information about the program.

 All of the following are requirements that apply to most adult volunteers. If you do not feel that you are able to meet each and every one of these requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator prior to applying. We hope and prefer that interested individuals can commit to one year or 100 hours of volunteering if at all possible.

In-person interview with volunteer coordinator
Attend a one-time orientation session
Return all required paperwork (application, information sheet, etc.)
Provide a health reference letter from your physician (form provided)
Two (2) tuberculosis skin tests, performed 10 days apart by the Sentara Occupational Health Department*
Annual flu shot performed by Sentara Occupational Health Department*
Submit to a criminal background check**
Purchase a volunteer uniform (cost $15 each)
Annual training (e.g. confidentiality agreement)
30 percent discount in hospital cafeteria with ID badge
Agree to volunteer at least 4 ½ hours, one day per week on a scheduled basis.

*All required health tests and background check are free-of-charge to the prospective volunteer.

**All volunteers must pass a universal background screening that provides a criminal background on the prospective volunteer. There is not cost to the volunteer.

Volunteer Uniforms 
Adult volunteers have several choices for uniforms. Uniforms cost $15 each and must be paid for prior to becoming an active volunteer.

Female Volunteers
Female volunteers can choose from the red Sentara golf shirt, salmon-colored jacket, vest, smock, cobbler apron, or jumper. If the red Sentara golf shirt is selected, it must be worn with khaki or black slacks or knee length khaki skirt, white or khaki tennis shoes, natural shade hose with skirt, socks with slacks only. No shorts, capri pants or jeans are allowed.

For those volunteers who select the salmon-colored jacket, vest, smock, cobbler apron or jumper, they must be worn with a plain white blouse with sleeves, white turtleneck with white uniform slacks or skirt, white professional or white tennis shoes and natural-colored hose, and white clogs and white socks are acceptable when wearing uniform pants. T-shirts are not allowed.

Male Volunteers
Male volunteers can choose from the red Sentara golf shirt and should be worn with khaki or black slacks, tennis or dress shoes. Shirts must be tucked into the pants. Shorts and jeans are not allowed.

Dress Code 
Sentara Leigh Hospital adult volunteers must adhere to a dress code that will allow you to be safe and comfortable while volunteering. We expect a neat, clean and professional appearance to be maintained at all times.

Name badge should be worn in plain view, above the waist, on the right lapel.
Uniforms must be kept clean and freshly pressed.
Chewing gum is not allowed.
Shoes must be kept clean.
Hair should be kept be neat, clean, no elaborate hairstyles, and of a natural color (no pink, blue, red, purple, etc.). Long hair should be pulled back away from the face. No bows or scented hairspray.
Fingernails should be an appropriate length and color. If working with patients, acrylic nails are not allowed.
Fragrances (cologne, body spray, and perfume) are not acceptable as they may bother patients and visitors.
Jewelry: Earrings should be limited to earlobe-size only, with no more than two ear piercings and no hoops larger than the size of a dime. Rings should be no more than three total with no bangle bracelets. No body piercing jewelry, except earlobes to be visible at any time.
Tattoos cannot be visible and should be covered by clothing.

 For an overview of our adult volunteer program, download a printable brochure.


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