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Sentara Anesthesiology Specialists
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Sentara Anesthesiology Specialists 

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Meet Dr. James Oleksa

We want patients as happy and comfortable as possible.


Meet Dr. Stephen P. White

“I am very protective of my patients, and they become my family.”

Sentara Anesthesiology Specialists are quality physicians who specialize in anesthesiology. They are responsible for delivering anesthesia safely to patients, and focus on patient care before, during and after surgery. Anesthesiologists have the important job of monitoring a patient's breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure during surgical procedures. Our specialists also ensure patient safety and comfort, as well as direct pain relief during the recovery period.

There are multiple types of anesthesia. Our Sentara Anesthesiologists will work with you and evaluate your health to decide which method is best for you. We believe in taking the time to work with each patient to ensure their questions are answered and concerns addressed. We understand that you are trusting us with your life, and we are here to ensure your health and safety! 

Types of Anesthesia: 

General Anesthesia – This affects the entire body and the patient is medically asleep.
Regional Anesthesia – Only one area of the body is affected.
Sedative Anesthesia – The patient is deeply relaxed, but is able to respond to questions and physical stimulation.
Local Anesthesia – Only a small area of skin or tissue is numbed. 

Office Locations:
Sentara Anesthesiology Specialists has offices throughout Hampton Roads. View our Locations and Directions page for addresses and hours of operation for each location.

Sentara anesthesiologists are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. 

     At Sentara Princess Anne Hospital:

     At Sentara CarePlex Hospital:

       William E. Cress, M.D.
       Dongsheng Fan, M.D., Ph.D
       Daniel F. Shea, Jr., M.D. 
 Gary J. Waxman, M.D. 
Stephen P. White, D.O. 
     James Wingo, M.D.

     At Sentara Obici Hospital:
Harry L. Ervin, Jr., M.D.
      Yolanda Harold, M.D.
      Philip J. Martin, M.D.
      Benford Nance, Jr., M.D.
      Linwood Spruiell, M.D.

    At Sentara Albemarle Medical Center:
    (Sentara Anesthesiology Specialists at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center
     is a Division of Albemarle Physician Services - Sentara, Inc.)

      Praveen Potluru, MD 
      Thomas Geddings, MD 
      C. Charese Pelham, MD 
      Kavitha Sharkady, MD 


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists 
Sentara nurse anesthetists are certified by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. 

      Mark Allen
      Brian Atchison
      Michael Biscan 
      Debbie Browning
      Carl Burgan
      Frankie R. Carr
      Jonathan W. Cotton
      Teresa Cousins
      Brian Currie
      Katherine Dean 
      Dana DeAngelo
      Chad Driscoll
      Jeremy Gaborik
      Lisa Gander
      Dave Gembel
      Robin R. Gibbs
      Amy Gillikin
      Karen Gillikin 
      Danielle Goss
      William Harper 
      Debra Heffner
      Jennifer Hester
      Lester E. Hilbert
      Cheryl W. Hite
      Kelly Hoffman
      Robert Hoffman
      Robert Johnson
      Jeffrey Jones
      Ben Kershner
      Bruce W. Litton
      Denise Magee
      Briana Meseroll
      Susan A. Murrell
      Susan M. Oncu
      David Von Rump
      Rosalie C. Shepard
      Heidi W. Simons
      Laura Smith
      Lynne Southern
      Mary Stepanek
      David J. Stewart
      Sheri W. Taylor  
      Michael Trovato
      John D. Waegerle
      Philip F. Whalen
      Patricia Wirth
      Eunjeong Yoon

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