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Did you know that approximately 5 to 10 percent of all cancers are hereditary? Specific cancer syndrome genes are passed from one blood relative to another increasing the likelihood of developing cancer in those who inherit them.

 Sentara Cancer Genetic Services
Genetic testing can help.

By determining if you or your family members carry a hereditary cancer syndrome and following prevention recommendations, you may significantly reduce your risk of cancer.

Sentara Cancer Genetics Services, offered through the physicians at Sentara Surgery Specialists, specializes in making cancer genetics understandable. Certified genetic counselor, Jessa Blount, provides patients with the necessary information to make informed decisions about genetic testing and works with patients to develop personalized plans for screenings and prevention options.

Who can benefit from the program?
Anyone who is concerned about their family or personal history of cancer including:

Individuals who have been diagnosed with any cancer at an early age (younger than 50 years old)
Individuals with two or more close relatives (siblings, parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles) on the same side of the family, with the same or related types of cancer (ex: breast and ovarian, colon and uterine)
Individuals who have had more than one type of cancer
Families that have a known gene mutation that causes a hereditary cancer syndrome

What happens before your first appointment?
Before your first appointment, you will be asked to gather information about your family’s medical history. The family history can be completed on MyChart. In some cases, we may also request medical records to help further clarify any information. From this, we will develop a family tree so that we can tailor your first visit to your own personal situation.

What happens during your first appointment?
During your first appointment, you will meet with our certified genetic counselor for approximately one hour. Our counselor will review your personal medical history and family history of cancer. Based on this information, our counselor will determine the likelihood of a genetic risk factor for cancer and how this can impact you and your family members. In addition, you will also discuss the following:

How inherited and environmental factors may increase the risk for cancer
The process of genetic testing and possible results
Insurance coverage and costs for genetic testing
Cancer screening options
The effect genetic information may have on you and your family

If genetic testing is recommended, the test will be available during your appointment.

Once the results of the genetic testing are available, you will meet with the counselor and a physician during a follow-up appointment. At that time, they will fully explain what the results mean and discuss a plan to carefully monitor your health based on your level of risk. In addition, the physician will review any medical management recommendations to include screenings, chemoprevention medications and preventative surgery.

Contact Us
If you feel that you are a candidate for genetic testing, please contact us at: (757) 261-5000

Locations & Hours
Sentara Cancer Genetics Services is currently being provided at two locations:

Sentara Surgery Specialists
880 Kempsville Road
Suite 1000
Norfolk, VA 23502
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Sentara Surgery Specialists
2075 Glenn Mitchell Drive
Suite 512
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Learn More
To learn more about Jessa Blount, our certified genetic counselor, view her detailed bio

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