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Anti-Gravity Rehabilitation 

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Space Technology Helping to Heal and Strengthen

Anti-gravity treadmill for therapy and rehabilitation.

An “anti-gravity” technology that was originally developed to help astronauts stay fit is now available at the Sentara Therapy Center - James City in Williamsburg to help condition and rehabilitate lower extremity injuries or surgeries.

It’s a well-established fact that the body heals better and faster with a structured therapy and exercise program. But often with lower extremity (hips, legs, ankles) injuries or fractures, the full weight of the body can literally be too much to bear.

The concept of “anti-gravity” training started with the need for NASA’s astronauts to get some exercise during space missions. Now this same technology has been adapted and approved by the FDA for use in rehabilitation and training with an AlterG “anti-gravity” treadmill.
Watch a video about the anti-gravity treadmill >>

“Anti-gravity” Treadmills Are Used For:
Pre-surgery conditioning
Rehabilitation from lower extremities (hip, leg, foot, ankle) injuries
Pre- and post-surgery joint replacements
Aerobic conditioning and athlete training
Neuromuscular control and balance

The biggest advantage is the ability for a person to return to a normal walk or run with less time spent with an abnormal walk or run which can cause other physical issues.

Using an air pressure controlled system, the person is literally lifted, and able to exercise the lower extremities without the impact of the full weight of the body. The system can adjust weight-bearing from 20% of body weight to 100%, in small increments, so patients can exercise pain-free and track their progress. This protects healing bones and tissues and offers an opportunity for increasing the range of motion.

Orthopedic and sports medicine patients using this equipment will shorten their inactive time and benefit from being able to more quickly begin walking or running therapy with less stress and pain.

Other “unweighting” devices such as harness systems have been useful in recovery for patients with lower extremity issues. The “anti-gravity” equipment operates with a different type of technology, without a harness, offering more comfort, more freedom of movement, instant and precise adjustments during therapy and measurable progress.

Contact the Sentara Therapy Center - James City at (757) 259-4221 for more information.
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