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NESS L300™ Foot Drop System 

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 Bioness NESS L300™ Foot Drop System
Mobility, sometimes just the simple act of taking a step, can be challenging for people recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or incomplete spinal cord injury. Often, the partial leg paralysis of these conditions prevents the foot from lifting properly to walk. Referred to as "foot drop," it can cause instability, making walking difficult and limiting function and independence.

Using the latest in wireless technology, the Bioness NESS L300™ Foot Drop System is designed to lift the foot during the swing phase of walking. The Foot Drop System is intended to increase speed and stability, offering people with foot drop more freedom to participate in everyday activities.

Here’s how it works. When the gait sensor detects "heel off," it sends a message to the leg cuff that then electrically stimulates the leg muscles to lift the foot. This chain reaction of events results in patients achieving a more normal walk (gait).

Physical therapists help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility in ways that enhance a patient’s health and quality of life. Their role is critical in working to educate and coach patients with foot drop in this type of mobility therapy.

The NESS L300™ Foot Drop System is available at the following Sentara Therapy Center Locations:

Hilltop - Virginia Beach
James City - Williamsburg

Read  more about the Bioness NESS L300™ Foot Drop System on the Bioness website and the ExploreHealth with Sentara newsletter.  

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