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Manual Physical Therapy 

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Manual physical therapy is a certified specialty in which hands-on treatment is combined with exercise to improve joint motion, maximize muscle strength and restore efficient, coordinated
movements as they apply to daily activities.

Sentara offers the skills of Certified Manual Therapists (MTCs) to help in assessing and treating conditions that affect muscles, fascia, nerves and joints.

Conditions that may respond to manual physical therapy include:
Pain and loss of mobility in the lower and mid back and neck
Sports- and work-related injuries
Pain caused by injury or postural defects
Muscle spasms
Pain from degenerative arthritis of hip or knee
Post-surgical pain

Manual physical therapy techniques include:
Therapeutic massage
Joint mobilization
Myofascial release (stretching the fascia, the thin tissue covering muscles)
Home exercise techniques to continue therapeutic improvements
Education in postural health and injury prevention

Goals of manual physical therapy:
Increased mobility and range of motion
Increased stability and strength
Decreased pain
Greater independence and functional capacity

Please note that a physician’s referral is required for patients to receive therapy.

Manual Therapy services are available at all Sentara Therapy Center locations.

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