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McKenzie Therapy 

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It has been estimated that 85 percent of all adults over 50 will experience an episode of severe back pain. For those with common back and neck problems, the McKenzie Method offers a therapeutic approach that has been used successfully throughout the world. It is a methodical system based on each individual’s responses, promoting the body’s own potential to
heal itself.

Sentara is pleased to offer this therapeutic treatment which requires no medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, or surgery, yet has exhibited successful outcomes in 70 to 80 percent of cases when its principles are followed.

What Is The McKenzie Method?

It is a therapeutic system introduced in 1956 by a New Zealand physiotherapist, Robin McKenzie.

It calls for a thorough history and evaluation, including patient responses to issues of lifestyle, exercise and past back or neck troubles.

The patient is then given an extensive examination. A postural review and range of motion (ROM) assessments follow.

At Sentara, evaluations and treatment are carried out by physical therapists thoroughly trained and certified in the McKenzie Method.

Initial Evaluations Reveal Three Types Of Symptoms
A working diagnosis typically finds patients in one or a combination of these categories:

Postural conditions with pain caused by stress on soft tissue in certain postures or positions.

Dysfunctional conditions in which pain and/or decreased movement arise from scar tissue, nerve fiber damage or nerve root problems

Derangement conditions in which pain is caused by abnormal vertebra movement through spinal disc injury

Evaluations Determine Who Can Benefit From McKenzie Therapy
Sentara physical therapists can quickly determine which patients are candidates for this course of treatment.

Patients whose pain comes from mechanical causes typically find McKenzie therapy beneficial.

Conditions which respond favorably include herniated discs in the spine, nerve compression and postural dysfunctions.

Patients with non-mechanical pain will not benefit from the McKenzie approach. Once these patients are identified, alternative types of therapy can be explored.

For more detailed information, follow this link to the McKenzie website.

McKenzie Therapy services are available at the following Sentara Therapy Centers locations:

Greenbrier - Chesapeake
Blocker YMCA - Norfolk
Independence - Virginia Beach
Hilltop - Virginia Beach
Leigh - Norfolk
Princess Anne - Virginia Beach
Granby - Norfolk 
Suffolk YMCA 

Obici - Suffolk
Port Warwick - Newport News

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