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Vestibular Rehabilitation 

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy For Inner Ear Disorders

Sentara offers help for patients who experience dizziness and balance problems often caused by inner ear disorders. The condition may occur following such events as head injury or whiplash. It also may appear as a symptom of aging, central nervous system disorders or hearing problems.

The resulting dizziness and balance difficulties can lead to decreased strength, reduced range-of-motion, muscle fatigue, headaches and diminished quality of life. Therapy is designed to help ease symptoms and improve functioning for those experiencing dizziness due to:

Head trauma
Vascular disease
Balance problems following surgery
Ototoxicity, or ear poisoning caused by medication or chemicals
Other disorders, conditions or traumas as diagnosed by a patient’s physician

What Is Vestibular Rehabilitation?
Physical therapists with specialized training use exercises and activities to help a patient’s central nervous system compensate for the inner ear involvement. Goals are to decrease dizziness, improve balance and increase a patient’s ability to engage in activities at greater levels of functioning.

Specialized Audiology Testing Aids In Diagnosis
Audiology services at Sentara CarePlex Hospital include electronystagmography (ENG) testing to assess the extent of inner ear involvement. Test results can help identify the source of the problem, providing valuable information for treatment planning.

Physicians screen patients to determine if vestibular rehabilitation will be helpful. After referral by a physician, we design an outpatient treatment program to help individuals improve to their highest functional potential.

Vestibular rehabilitation services are available at the following Sentara Therapy Center locations:


CarePlex - Hampton
Port Warwick - Newport News

North Carolina

Currituck - Barco, NC 


Hilltop - Virginia Beach
Leigh - Norfolk
Obici - Suffolk
St. Lukes - Carrollton

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