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Wellness and Injury Prevention Program 

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Our mission is to improve health every day. We strive to provide the community with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, at work, and at play.
Sentara Therapy Services provides free community health fairs, as well as clinics focusing on wellness, exercise, injury prevention, and disease management. These services are provided by our licensed therapists and a multidisciplinary team of Sentara physicians and clinicians.

Community Outreach
Free health clinics and screenings offered at various locations in Hampton and Newport News and targeted to the needs of the community.

Workplace Wellness
IMPAAC system for work injury prevention used to assess and train staff and management for improved work wellness.

General Offerings:

Flexibility and posture screenings
Foot care clinics
Back and joint care
Knee screenings
Exercise safety

Specialized Offerings:

Ergonomic Work Risk Screening
Upon request, our staff will tour departments of interest during active work sessions to determine the level of current risk and opportunity for improvement. A general written summary of observed risks, as well as recommendations for improvement programs/training are provided.

Work Risk Analysis
A detailed examination and review of target departments of interest. Identifies specific risks and offers corrective recommendations for lessening low-back and neck and arm stresses for each work station. A detailed written report and training plan is provided.

Management Team Training
Teaches managers, supervisors and labor leaders the scope of strategies for reducing injuries at work. Builds attitudes, skills and commitment. (Not provided without Work Risk Analysis.)

Employee WorkSmart Training
Teaches workers healthy work practices emphasizing fatigue avoidance tactics such as personal ergonomics, self-care responsibility, and stretching (Not provided without Work Risk Analysis).

ErgoTeam Training
Advanced training for a select group of employees to become the in-house experts on problem
solving for future company ergonomic issues; maximizes the success of the company’s investment in training.

Follow Up Programs
Includes implementation analysis of recommended work improvements and reviews new or persisting problems areas. Provides review classes, advanced exercises, management employee training, and ergonomic-alternative advice (Not provided without Work Risk Analysis).

Specialized Lectures
Therapist-delivered lectures on stress management, back safety, work space ergonomics,
nutrition, cardiovascular exercise benefits, and resistance training.

Wellness and injury prevention services are available at the following Sentara Therapy Center locations:

Coliseum - Hampton
Hand Therapy - Virginia Beach
Suffolk YMCA 
Obici - Suffolk
St. Lukes - Carrollton

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