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Sentara MyChart Patient Testimonials 

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We invite you to read recent stories and quotes we've received from patients and families who have received exceptional care thanks to Sentara MyChart. Share your Sentara MyChart story so that other patients like you can experience the benefits of Sentara MyChart.


{The following is a testimonial from Roger Holmes, an employee who uses Sentara MyChart to help manage the care of his aging mother.}

Watch a video of Roger explaining how he uses Sentara MyChart to manage his mother's care.

"The main thing about MyChart that I have great interest in is that my mom shares residency in Tennessee and here. I got access -- my mom gave proxy to my sister, myself and my father. Now no matter where she is, we can sit with my mother and she can go down there and they can sit with her, and they can see all of her records in one place. We don't have to depend on who took notes or who remembers what, which is a really difficult thing to do in her case, given the problems that she's going through.

I wanted her to see a certain specialist that was recommended to me. So she called up and made that appointment. And I wanted just to make sure that was done, so I logged into MyChart and saw it right there, it was scheduled. Now I can actually keep track and remind her of those things.

It's a huge relief to me now, just having this all together in one place, and you know, anytime you go anywhere, one of the first things they ask you is about any medications, and my mom's on a lot of medications. Now we don't have to remember this, or have it written down."

{The following is a testimonial from a patient who uses MyChart to manage her care after an ovarian cancer diagnosis 15 years ago.}

Watch a video of the patient describing what she likes about Sentara MyChart.

"I had ovarian cancer 15 years ago. I like it because I can go in, and if I had blood work done in the morning, I can read my results in the afternoon. I can compare my results from years ago, because everything is on there. I can watch cholesterol and electrolytes, I can chart them on MyChart and see where they were 5 years ago versus where they are now.

I know with Sentara that if I go to Virginia Beach General and get an x-ray, I know that anybody I go to, whether it's orthopedic or whether it's Dr. Wong, can pull up that file, and I can get the information as well. I really like that. I thought it was fantastic. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to use it."

{Read what else people are saying about Sentara MyChart}

"I love being able to have access to blood work results and test results. I have requested information from my doctor because of test results being low or questionable.  This keeps me on my toes." — Judie, Hampton, VA

“The ability to communicate my allergic reactions and concerns to my doctor via MyChart email has not only decreased my numerous and costly doctor visits, but it has helped to control my high blood pressure…”  — Gloria, Virginia Beach, VA

"Dr. Walter is the best! I emailed him with a real concern and I received a response on the following day. Thanks for access to my health records!"  — Margaret, Williamsburg, VA

"It's absolutely wonderful! It's never been better! It's the best way to communicate with your doctor. Wonderful response time!!!"
Vicky, Smithfield, VA

"I love the convenience of MyChart, because when I'm always on the road, whether it is with kids or work, I can manage all my medical information on my schedule, and that's really important to me."  — Corrine, Williamsburg, VA

"I had been using MyHealth MyChart for over a year with my PCP. I was going to a surgeon's office who had just started using it and [they] were tickled pink when I used it as I think I was the first they had received. I really like it as I get my questions answered in a timely manner and I don't have to wait on a call back, even though my PCP did surprise me with a phone call and not an email to a question I had."  — John, Hampton, VA

"MyChart is a very effective tool for me."  — Scotty, Virginia Beach, VA

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Watch and listen to patients and doctors in their own words explain the benefits of Sentara MyChart.

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