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The Spine Center 

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The Spine Center
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Offering Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Lotfi at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

The Spine Center at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center specializes in treating a variety of back problems, some with medication, some with physical therapy, and some with surgery, including MISS—Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. This approach means small incisions, shorter hospital stays and less scarring.

With minimally invasive spinal surgery, physicians use specially designed surgical tools that are more precise, cause less damage to the surrounding tissue and require much smaller incisions. These benefits promote a faster recovery for the patient. 
Low back pain

Low back pain is common. Causes may include ruptured or herniated discs; osteoarthritis, where discs or vertebrae deteriorate; sprains; infections; inflammation; and tumors, although these are rare.

Usually back pain is a cumulative result of years of misuse or overuse. Many people think that one movement caused their problem, when in actuality, it was the same movement over a period of time. Most back pain is temporary and is treatable medically or with physical therapy. But for some, surgery is the best course.

One common procedure that we can now perform with minimally invasive spine surgery is removing herniated discs that are putting pressure on the spinal nerve roots and causing pain.

About the Spine Center at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

The Spine Center puts a solid team in the patient’s corner. Highly specialized surgeons, nurses, operating room staff and anesthesiologists provide the care. Backing them up is the hospital’s full complement of medical specialists and therapists.

For more information about The Spine Center and surgeons on Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center's medical staff, call 1-800-SENTARA.

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