Sentara Promise Award Winners
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Sentara Promise Award Winners 

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Connie Jennette, Elizabeth Cartwright, Judy Hunt, Janie Pittman, Richard Theroux

Dr. Michael Charles, Michael Revere, Teddy Thomas, Kim Boyd, Debbie Anderson, Lisa Kros, Marcia Haddock

Louis Roth, Pat Collmus, Carolyn Atkins, Jenny Field, Sharon Smith, Barbara Jordan, Margaret Armstrong, Mark Gavens

Ray King

Why They Won: Thoughts on the Promise Winner

Grand Prize Winner Margaret Armstrong, RN/Sentara Bayside Hospital
"Margaret walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to health, regularly taking part in community activities to educate about stroke..."

Teddy Thomas, RN/SBH Surgery Operating Center
"Her team members describe her as 'always professional and fair, a very effective team leader, receptive to questions and concerns, giving good advice...'"

Richard Theroux, LPTA/Sentara Leigh Hospital
One patient wrote "Once in a while someone shines through with devotion and skill...I thank you for the wonderful treatment and we have sung praises to our doctors and to many of our friends that Sentara really cares..."

Sharon Smith, Case Manager, Sentara Health Management
"During a recent redesign of the care management department, she unselfishly took on the task of supervising 11 care managers (she previously had four)...she was the first to identify some serious quality concerns, she worked with Quality Assurance to provide quality care for our members and protect them from poor practice patterns..."

Louis Roth, RN/Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
"A patient wrote 'he did an excellent job in caring for my husband...showed great compassion and went beyond the call of duty...'"

Michael Revere, Team Coordinator, Sentara Hampton Health and Fitness Center
"He has a warm personality, good people skills and a sharp professional presence. His strong leadership qualities make him a role model among the members and his peers at the Fitness Center..."

Janie Pittman, LPN/Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
One physician wrote "If I am ever ill, no matter what unit I am in, I will make every effort to be sure that Janie is there to be my nurse."

Lisa Kros, Data Analyst/Clinical Informatics
One staff member said "Lisa is one of the best resources that has ever supported the efforts of the vascular team...her stellar service is consistent, project after project..."

Ray King, Medical Technologist/Sentara Leigh Hospital
One physician wrote: "Ray gives a consistently excellent performance as both a sincere caring person and an outstanding technician. He is a terrific asset to this facility..."

Barbara Jordan, LPN/Sentara Leigh Hospital
"She knows no boundaries when it comes to 'satisfying the customer' and she is wonderful in implementing interventions which create positive outcomes..."

Connie Jennette, LPN/Sentara Leigh Hospital
"She is a true professional with the ability to ease patients' anxiety, provide comfort and act as a patient advocate..."

Judy Hunt, RN/Sentara Bayside Hospital
One peer wrote, "We count on Judy as a friend and feel that we are all a little better off because we know her."

Marcia Haddock, Activities Assistant/Sentara Life Care
"Her energetic motivating character encourages residents of the facility to believe in themselves..."

Jenny Field, RN/Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
"She was instrumental in working with a patient to find his family and gaining their support after discharge..."

Pat Collmus, Volunteer/Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
One employee writes, "Her customer service skills are exceptional and she is more than a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Michael Charles, Sentara Medical Group
One patient writes, "His concern, not only for my mother, but also for us was extremely comforting. He is truly a compassionate physician."

Elizabeth Cartwright, Activities Assistant, Sentara Life Care
"She is known for her warm demeanor, helpfulness and 'can-do' attitude."

Kim Boyd, RN, Sentara Medical Group
"She keeps patients well-being foremost in her mind, while having the ability to interject humor and cheerfulness into almost every situation..."

Carolyn Atkins, Member Services Representative, Sentara Health Management
One co-worker said, "I am positive that our members can see her beautiful smile through the phone. She has a gift of comforting people with her voice."

Debbie Anderson, Finance, Sentara Medical Group
"She not only knows her position extremely well, but also does an excellent job of conveying this knowledge in a way that others can easily understand..."

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