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The New eICU® 

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Advances in technology have created tremendous opportunities for improvements in healthcare, especially in the area of treating critically ill patients. The traditional Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has now transformed into a high-tech environment where patients can be monitored on a continuous basis by specialized equipment, physicians and nurses. We call it the "eICU".

Team of Specialists Working Together for You

When a critically ill patient is admitted to the ICU, a team of health professionals immediately begins rapid-pace testing and treatment. Information is crucial. You will meet your nurse (or your loved one's nurse) who will be providing care in the unit. There is another team of specialists caring for you that you may not see right away. Sophisticated equipment begins relaying information to an off-site monitoring station. There, specialized physicians called intensivists, critical care registered nurses and health care assistants review the information and can directly talk with your ICU nurse, right in the patient's room. This ICU and eICU partnership offers the patient the most complete, responsive, and safe care possible.

Intensivists are specially trained physicians who focus their expertise on critically ill patients.

Wall Mounted Cameras Provide Real Time Consultation

Technologically advanced equipment allows the patient to be seen with the use of a wall-mounted camera and monitored from a computer screen receiving information on the patient. Discussion with bedside physicians, nurses, therapists, and even patients or family members may occur with the two-way audio connection. In addition, private, direct-connect phones allow immediate communication of other information from bedside to the eICU. The intensivist continuously monitors the patient and can quickly alert the on-site team of any subtle changes. Likewise, the on-site care team can immediately talk with the eICU team. The result is early medical intervention to keep the patient on the straight and narrow path to the speediest recovery.

eICU(r) Improves Care

This new level of physician intervention and teamwork offers patients better outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

Pioneered by Sentara Healthcare and measured by an independent testing group, in the first year of operation, the eICU:
 Reduced Mortality Rates of patients requiring the ICU by 25% 
 Shortened the duration of hospitalization by 17%.
That's very comforting news for patients and their families.

The Intensivists Work with Your Physicians

Your physician works with the intensivists to select the level of care to be provided, ranging from monitoring only to full care where the intensivists help make decisions about the treatment when your doctor is not present in the eICU. The intensivists and your physician will talk frequently about your care plan.

Health Information Privacy is Protected

We take all measures to protect the privacy of our patient's health information. 
  Access to patient information is limited to only authorized professionals. 
  Information is not released to anyone other than those providing direct medical care. 
  No recording is made from any camera or audio interactions. 
  Patient information is transferred on private lines only (not Internet transmissions). 
  Information is scrambled to make it unreadable during transfer. 
  The eICU remote office has secure access. 
  For added security, intensivists us a personal identification number when ordering treatments.

Our Staff is Available for You

The focus on individual needs for person-to-person interaction, care and support is not lost in the use of high technology. During a time of critical illness, our goal is to decrease any unnecessary stress and promote the emotional and physical healing of the patient as well as the patient's family and friends. Rest assured that the ICU nurses are always in the unit and able to provide immediate care to you and your loved ones.

Questions About Care

We know you will have a lot of questions regarding care in the ICU. Please designate a family spokesperson to be responsible for relaying information to other members of the family. This will keep the family accurately informed while allowing the staff to focus on patient care. Specific concerns or questions should be directed to your nurse or physician.

More About eICU® Technology

If you would like more information regarding the technology used in the eICU, log on to or call 1-800-SENTARA.

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