Saving Lives with Five-Star Heart Care
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Saving Lives with Five-Star Heart Care 

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It's an achievement that's been generations in the making. Sentara Heart at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is of such caliber that it has been recognized as the best cardiac program in Virginia, and one of the best in the nation, anointed with the prestigious five-star HealthGrades ranking. This perfectly orchestrated union of internationally acclaimed cardiologists, heart surgeons, technological innovation and visionary research is the East Coast's preeminent heart care destination. It's the level of facility that major equipment and drug manufacturers court for their latest clinical trials. A resource where the doctors aren't merely practicing groundbreaking techniques; they're initiating then. And one that is setting records, earning awards and making headlines for favorable outcomes that far outpace national standards - for cardiac procedures and surgeries of the most complex and serious nature.

This is the scope of the heart care Sentara delivers. And now, we're taking it even farther. The hospital that performed the region's first open heart surgery, first heart transplant, placement of drug-eluting stents and scores of other life-saving cardiac breakthroughs is raising the bar once again through the creation of Sentara Heart. We are centering the unequalled wealth of expertise at Sentara Heart Hospital, a six-story cardiac tour de force to open in 2006. It's the culmination of 36 years of experience assembling a team of cardiologists and heart surgeons so skilled that they routinely serve as keynote speakers at international medical consortiums. From this nucleus of innovation, a synergy born of the industry's most brilliant minds engaged in pioneering medicine will generate new methodologies and a vast body of vital heart care knowledge. These new life-enhancing discoveries will flow to patients throughout the entire Sentara Healthcare network and beyond - delivering superior care close to where people work and live.

For the lives they will save. the care they will provide, and the landmarks they will achieve, Sentara Heart and Sentara Heart Hospital are more than turning points for Hampton Roads. They are milestones for medical science.

Saving Lives:
Resounding in the beat of every saved heart is the unique story of a man, woman or child. In scientific terms, each survivor is a "successful outcome." In human terms, they are vital individuals going home to families and lives.

Our expertise Is Saving Lives - The Virginia Health Information Network has reported that Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is the state's only hospital producing better than average outcomes in cardiovascular medicine and cardiac surgery

Going Above and Beyond - The American College of Cardiology specifies 90% as the success percentage which cardiac interventional programs should meet. Of more than 2,053 such procedure performed last year at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, 95% had successful outcomes.

Masters of Surgery - Sentara Norfolk General Hospital consistently outperforms the standards established by the Society For Thoracic Surgeons in open heart surgery. The hospital's heart transplant programs.

Living Evidence Of Successful Care:
The level of excellence achieved by Sentara's cardiac team is unmatched in Virginia, and has few rivals across the country.

Knowledge That Saves Lives - More than 50 diverse specialists in cardiology represent an unprecedented depth and breadth of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems. In the skilled hands of ten cardiac surgeons rests the combined experience of 160 years of cardiac surgery - some who have been practicing longer than 20 years.

Talent From Top Medical Centers - These experts have held positions at such leading heart centers as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, Massachusetts General and Johns Hopkins hospitals.

Cardiac Super-Specialists:
The Brightest Among Their Peers - The same learned experts providing your care at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital have taught at medical conferences throughout the world. They have written groundbreaking chapters in medical and surgical textbooks, contributed to the industry's most highly regarded professional journals, and have presented research findings to national and international medical societies.

What this wealth of knowledge means to you is the assurance you're being treated by the best. No other hospital in the region can claim heart experience remotely equal to the level we've offered patients for decades.

Experience Is Everything

HealthGrades has given Sentara Norfolk General Hospital its prestigious five-star rating for heart care and ranks it as the best hospital in Virginia for overall cardiac services.

Sentara has a rich history of introducing the latest cardiac treatments to area residents. Since launching our heart surgery program in 1967, our mission has been clear: to be a vanguard of progress, saving lives at every opportunity.

New Frontiers of Care - To anticipate what's on - or beyond - the horizon, the Sentara Heart Hospital will feature strategic design innovations that reflect the most progressive thinking. For example, cardiac surgical suites will be equipped with state-of-the-art "smart" technology that listens and responds to doctors' orders. They're also generously sized for robotics, open-field MRI and image-guided surgery - technologies on the horizon for cardiac care that are yielding promising results in other medical specialties.

The Power of Digital Medicine - Like an underground life support system, a fiberoptic infrastructure will support a host of emerging technologies - including all-important digital technology that speeds patient information and test results to the doctors and staff who need it. Digital technology is a life-saving information tool in cardiac care, and the hospital equipped with it has a powerful advantage.

Enabling The Future - As a complement to the Sentara Heart Hospital, the Sentara Heart Research Institute is being planned to launch a constellation of achievements in cardiac care. Here, we intend to continue our time-honed research partnerships with equipment and drug manufacturers. As technology advances, the latest breakthroughs will undergo clinical trials and be available to patients at Sentara hospitals first. In cardiac care, receiving the right treatment early can make a world of difference. The remarkable results of our cardiac patients are a testament to the value to progressive therapies.

Landmark Technologies And Groundbreaking Research

Patient Experience:
Caring for a heart takes more than technology and skill. Human understanding and compassion play just as important a role. In recognition of this, the Sentara Heart Hospital will take patient care to a new level - one that's truly a model for hospitals around the country.

Efficient, For Superior Care - The new hospital's design will accommodate the utmost efficiency - so staff and physicians can spend more time caring for their patients.

In-Room, Movies and Internet - Every patient room will be private, attractively decorated and equipped with an information and entertainment system for Internet access, healthcare programs and movies on demand. Sentara introduced this interactive patient service to the region in 2002, receiving enthusiastic praise from all who use it.

Visionary Advances in Technology - To allow patients greater freedom to move about, a portable telemetry system that constantly monitors heart rates and rhythms will be available hospital-wide. Information stations for doctors and nurses will be located next to patients' bedsides for better, safer care. And families will find comfortable places to relax, work and dine during visits or loved ones' procedures.

These and dozens more strategic innovations will enhance each patient's experience - because that's what contributes to success.

Putting Patients First

Landmark Achievements:
Cardiac Milestones That Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Introduced To the Region
1967 - First Cardiac Catheterization
1967 - First Open Heart Surgery
1973 - Implemented treadmill testing for cardiac function
1974 - Introduced the Holter Monitor for mobile cardiac
1975 - Introduced M-Mode Echocardiogram
1975 - Launched cardiac rehabilitation
1976 - Introduced Thallium stress testing
1981 - Introduced Percutaneous Trasluminal Coronary
1982 - First airlift of cardiac patient by Sentara Nightingale
1985 - Implemented multi-city cardiac transport service
1987 - Initiated electrophysiological cardiac studies
1989 - Performed first heart transplant
1992 - Implanted region's first artificial heart
1996 - Performed first peripheral diagnostic and
intervention procedures
1999 - Named among the top 100 Cardiac Bypass and
Interventional Programs in the nation by HCIA
1999 - Named in Top 50 Heart Hospitals by U.S. News and
World Report
2000 - Named among Top 100 Cardiovascular Programs
for second consecutive year by HCIA/Sachs
2001 - Named among Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospitals by
2001 - Again named in the Top 50 Heart Hospitals by U.S.
News and World Report
2002 - Sentara launches multi-hospital Women's
HeartAdvantage Program
2002 - Sentara Norfolk General Hospital is only hospital
in Virginia named for four consecutive years to
Top 100 Cardiovascular Programs in the U.S.
2003 - First in region to implant a drug-eluting stent
2003 - Receives the five-start rating from HealthGrades
for heart care and is ranked the #1 program in
Virginia for overall cardiac services

Thirty-Six Years of Preeminent Heart Care

An Economic Beacon for Hampton Roads

Destined to cast Hampton Roads in the national spotlight, Sentara Heart Hospital will open in 2006 in a new six-story building on the campus of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. It will serve all of eastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina with a breadth and excellence unavailable for hundreds of miles.

Sentara has dedicated substantial resources to make the new Sentara Heart Hospital the preeminent heart resource on the East Coast. The result will be nothing short of groundbreaking: not only for its medical contributions, but as a magnet for economic prosperity.

* Major research dollars will flow to a facility offering the idea environment for cardiac advances.
* This prominent health resource will draw Fortune 500 firms to the area, catering to executive who expect and demand the best in medical care.
* Such a nationally prestigious facility will attract high-profile publicity, propelling the region in the public spotlight with groundbreaking medical breakthroughs.
* Medical specialists of international repute - many already familiar with Sentara's position as a cardiac powerhouse - will eagerly join one of the nation's most respected cardiac teams.
* Affluent retirees will seek to move close to the East Coast's center of cardiac expertise.

The Nation's Most Prosperous Cities Boast Exceptional Health Care Facilities.
The Sentara Heart Hospital will Secure Hampton Roads' Place Among Them.

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