LAP-BAND-Minimally Invasive Weight-Loss Surgery Shown Live Over the Internet from Sentara CarePlex Hospital
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LAP-BAND-Minimally Invasive Weight-Loss Surgery Shown Live Over the Internet from Sentara CarePlex Hospital 

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Note: The surgery is now available online for viewing anytime.
NORFOLK, Va., - October 5, 2007 - In its third live web cast this year, surgeons from Sentara CarePlex Hospital and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital will be participating in a minimally invasive adjustable LAP-BAND® Surgery before thousands of viewers.

On Thursday, October 11th at noon, surgeons will perform this LAP-BAND® surgery for the treatment of morbid obesity. Watch the procedure live and hear from patients who have had the surgery about its impact on their weight loss journey. This LAP-BAND® webcast will include surgeons: Dr. Thomas W. Clark and Dr. Anthony D. Terracina from Sentara CarePlex Hospital and Dr. Stephen D. Wohlgemuth from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Both hospitals have designated Bariatric Centers of Excellence.

LAP-BAND® surgery is an innovative, safe, and effective surgical intervention for people who have failed more conservative weight reduction alternatives such as supervised diet, drugs, exercise, and behavior modification programs. Generally, patients have a BMI of 40 or more with approximately 100 pounds to shed.

“Patients need to understand that this surgery is a tool to help them get where they need to go,” says Dr. Clark. “With this surgery and adopting new habits, patients will lose weight and improve their health.”

During the procedure, a silicone band is placed around the upper section of the stomach and filled with saline solution to restrict food’s entry into the stomach - essentially making the stomach “smaller” for patients.

“This is a big operation with big risk,” adds Dr. Wohlgemuth. “But patients need to consider the risk of not doing the surgery. Morbid obesity can shorten a patients lifespan and increase risk for disease.”

Patients undergoing LAP-BAND® surgery have smaller incisions and shorter recovery times. Patients participate in comprehensive pre-surgery screening and a multi-disciplinary educational program that focuses on healthy eating habits and exercise as key components of weight loss. The program also includes extensive follow-up with the surgeon and on-going availability of licensed dieticians, registered nurses, and psychologists. Sentara support groups also provide patients with valuable information and encouragement, including On-Line Weight-Loss Support Groups.

“I have become more active,” says Ben Cohen who has been losing weight after LAP-BAND® surgery. “I have more energy for my three kids; I’m part of a bicycle team; and my back problems are gone.”

For patients who choose LAP-BAND® surgery, many tout its safety and less invasive approach. The LAP-BAND® system is adjustable, so patients can adjust the band as they gradually lose weight.

LAP-BAND® was the preferred option for Jenny Corley, who had dealt with being overweight all her life. “As a nutritionist, I felt strongly that this procedure did not affect the absorption of food or its nutrients.”

In addition, patients who undergo LAP-BAND® surgery can still get pregnant.

“I have one child and I plan to have more in the future,” says Tamantha Miller, a patient scheduled to undergo LAP-BAND® surgery next week.

Miller has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormone disorder that causes a number of symptoms in affected women, including obesity, infertility, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. At 24, Miller has already been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), also known as leg blood clots. Standing 5’6” and weighing 228 pounds, Miller’s weight struggles have had a profound impact on her life.

Miller’s excessive weight and all of its resulting complications has led her to a decision to undergo LAP-BAND® minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

Miller’s mother recently underwent the more invasive gastric bypass surgery and lost 40 pounds in her first six weeks. While Miller has considered weight loss surgery for some time, she did not want to undergo an extreme operation. Additional research led Miller to LAP-BAND® minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

“Eating and diet changes are just part of the equation for me,” Miller adds. “There are a number of mental changes that I’ve needed to make. This surgery is something I view as a medical tool to aid in my weight loss journey – ultimately leading to a long, healthy life for my family.”

View the live October 11 procedure at .

The procedure can also be viewed at the same web address at a later, more convenient time. For more information on weight-loss programs at Sentara, visit

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