Optima Health Lowers Deductibles For Individual and Family Health Plans to Respond to the Downshift in Economy
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Optima Health Lowers Deductibles For Individual and Family Health Plans to Respond to the Downshift in Economy 

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Lower Plan Deductibles and Personal Plan Advisors Now Available to Consumers

Virginia Beach, VAMarch 6, 2009 – With Virginia unemployment rates at 5 percent (according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008 annual average) and employees losing their employer-sponsored comprehensive health coverage, Optima Health has responded to market shifts by offering lower plan deductibles on its Individual & Family Health Plans to assist consumers that find themselves unemployed and in need of individual policies.  Additionally, Optima has implemented Personal Plan Advisors to help match consumer’s needs with policies that fit their budget.

Optima will continue to offer four plans, however, there are two new deductible options within two of the plans. These deductibles are much lower than similar traditional plans. Optima Plus and Optima FourSight will now offer $500 and $750 deductibles in addition to the established $1,000 deductible.

  “We are confident that the time is right for Optima Health to offer lower deductibles and a more personal approach to helping consumers select individual and family health plans. Since making these changes, Optima has seen a 40 percent increase in calls from consumers seeking coverage. With these changing economic times we are seeing more than 30% of all of our policies sold now including a medical deductible lower than $1,000. For the first time, consumers are being forced to scrutinize their healthcare spending.  Optima wants to help people through the process,” comments John E. DeGruttola, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Optima Health. (According to a study from Americas Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), more than 30% of all individual health insurance policies for individuals and 14% for families include a medical deductible lower than $1,000.)

The Personal Health Advisor is available for individuals who are shopping for individual health insurance. The goal of the Advisor is to work with callers to analyze their individual healthcare spending, discuss plan options, share industry trends, and guide them toward a plan that best suits their current situation. Additionally, callers are offered a free Buyer’s Guide for Individual Health Insurance that will help them make an informed decision.

Last year, Optima began providing Individual & Family Health Plans as part of its commercial, Medicare and Consumer Directed Health Plans. These plans are targeted to individuals that are between jobs, not eligible for their employer’s coverage, just out of school, and an early retiree or unexpectedly unemployed. The plans are designed to fit almost anyone’s needs and budgets.

Optima Health offers Optima Equity 80, Optima Equity 100, Optima FourSight and Optima Plus plans. With all the Individual & Family Plans, Optima offers extensive wellness and prevention tools, programs, services and discounts to manage healthcare costs. For more information, about Optima’s expanded Individual & Family Health Plans, call toll-free at 1-866-805-3266 or visit online at www.optimahealth.com/individual.

About Optima Health

Optima Health provides health insurance coverage to more than 380,000 members throughout Virginia.  With more than 20 years of experience in the health insurance arena, Optima offers a suite of commercial products including consumer-directed, employee-owned and employer-sponsored plans, individual and family health plans, employee assistance programs and plans serving Medicare and Medicaid enrollees. Our provider network features 15,000 providers including specialists, primary care physicians and hospitals across Virginia. Optima offers programs to support members with chronic illnesses, customized wellness programs, and integrated clinical and behavioral health services as well as pharmacy management – all to help our members improve their health. Our goal is to provide better health, to be easy to use and offer services that are a great value. To learn more about Optima Health, visit www.optimahealth.com. 


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