Support for Sentara Haymarket Hospital
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Support for Sentara Haymarket Hospital 

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Read what others are saying about the proposed Sentara Haymarket Hospital:

“I believe that Sentara Healthcare is in the best position to establish a hospital in the Gainesville/Haymarket area. Sentara's reputation is second to none and their transition into Northern Virginia is a positive movement for healthcare. Sentara Healthcare has extensive experience in medical and hospital campus development which it can bring to bear on this project.”

“As we have all heard, new businesses and residents are moving into that area each day and this growth is expected to continue, despite the fact that the current roads do not support growth and it is too congested for the number of people living there. This makes access to major transportation corridors more difficult, and thus residents face longer commutes to emergency hospital services when time is essential. This can be a hardship for many people, particularly the elderly and others without transportation. So, it appears the time is right for a new hospital.”

“I am in support of your proposal to establish a hospital to meet the needs of residents of the Gainesville/Haymarket area. Sentara Healthcare has extensive experience in medical and hospital campus development. Also, Sentara places a high priority on quality and patient safety. I believe that Sentara Healthcare is in the best position to establish a hospital in the Gainesville/Haymarket area.”

“A new hospital would also provide a valuable volunteer opportunity for local residents to support their community. I am reminded that when our Auxiliary was in its infancy, it provided a rewarding opportunity for bonding and fellowship among the local community volunteers who worked side by side to support their new hospital. A new hospital in the Haymarket area could also benefit from this grass roots volunteer support.”

“As a resident of Gainesville, VA I would like to express my support for your proposal to establish a hospital in the Haymarket/Gainesville/Bristow area. The area is growing rapidly and with the growth in population comes the growth in need for health services. We do not currently have a hospital in our area and need to travel sometimes 30 minutes or longer to other facilities. A hospital in our area will benefit both the elderly who need the overnight hospitalization services as well as the young families in the area who need OB care. Of course, everyone will benefit from the emergency services. We look forward to having better health services in our area and thank you for working to help us achieve that.”

“As a physician serving residents of Prince William County and surrounding communities, I understand how important it is to have high quality hospital services that are readily available to patients. I understand that many patients in the western Prince William County area experience delays in travel times to existing hospitals and that Sentara Healthcare is proposing to establish a hospital in that area. My associates and I would like to indicate our support for this proposal.”

“As both a resident and a business owner in Prince William County, I have been fortunate to experience growth in the county in spite of the difficulties in our economy...Having lived in the county for most of my life, I am well aware of the growth in the county and the needs of medical services in that part of the county. The tri-fecta of kids playing sports, older adults’ health needs, and transportation issues in that part of the county lends itself to the need for hospital services in Haymarket/Gainesville. Sentara’s commitment to quality healthcare and its reputation in the communities it currently serves makes it a good candidate for establishing hospital services in that part of the county.”

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