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Peninsula’s Strongest MRI Unveiled at Sentara CarePlex Hospital 

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Ideal for neurologic, orthopedic and larger patients

Hampton, VA (December 5, 2012) –Doctors and patients now have access to the Peninsula’s strongest and fastest commercially available MRI at Sentara CarePlex Hospital in Hampton, Virginia. This new MRI is used for a wide range of patients needing medical imaging and enhanced the imaging services at Sentara.

The new 3T MRI at Sentara CarePlex Hospital has double the strength of most traditional MRI scans to create clearer images. This MRI takes high-quality medical images of areas of the body that are difficult to image and adds to the advanced imaging capabilities at Sentara. From the tiniest vessels in the brain to small joints of the hand, wrist, elbow and ankle, the images from this MRI may improve surgical plans for some specialists in orthopedics, neurology, and urology.

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and uses magnets and radio waves to take pictures of body tissues such as organs like the brain, liver, kidneys and other soft tissues like those around joints and the spine. MRIs can also help diagnose bone damage.

Using this 3T MRI, images are created faster, thereby reducing scan times. This reduces the number of potential rescans due to patient movement. Patients may enter feet first, and some scans can be completed with the patient’s head outside the tube, producing sharper images with fewer anxiety-related movements. The tube of this MRI is larger than traditional machines and can hold up to 500 pounds, making it an option for heavier patients.

The new MRI offers community doctors new and advanced imaging capability providing them more information for earlier diagnosis and treatment of some diseases. For example, diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) with the 3T MRI helps doctors evaluate stroke more readily.

Because of the strength of the 3T MRI, some tests no longer require injected contrast used to enhance images. Now patients with diabetes or other vascular diseases who were not candidates for traditional MRI now have this option. 

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