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Being faced with a hospital stay can be a stressful time for patients and families. Sentara Hospital Medicine Physicians is a group of quality, board-certified Hospitalists that practice at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. These hospital based physicians recognize what patients and families are experiencing and are dedicated to not only providing quality care, but also to ensuring each patient feels comfortable and confident in the care they are receiving while in the hospital.

Our highly trained hospital medicine physicians work with patients and specialists to develop a treatment plan specifically designed for each patient. They provide seamless care through Sentara eCare® – allowing patient information to be shared securely through an electronic medical record, among hospitals, physicians practices and other Sentara locations.

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
2300 Opitz Boulevard, Suite G-209
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Phone: (703) 523-0611
Fax: (703) 670-2089

Baryalay Ameree, M.D.
Alemayehu B. Beze, M.D.

Teja Danda, M.D.
Dina Darwish, M.D.
Asmeret G. Demissie, M.D.
Cindy Xin Huang, M.D.
Yasser Khoudeir, M.D.
Yvonne Yee-Wun Lai, M.D.
Linda Lindsey, M.D.
Rashmi Singh, M.D.

What is a Hospitalist?
Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in the care of patients in the hospital. Following medical school, they usually complete a residency in family medicine or internal medicine, with some choosing to pursue additional post-residency training specifically focused on hospital medicine. As there are often multiple specialists and clinicians involved in a patient’s care, these quality physicians are there to collaborate with other physicians and help coordinate and monitor the overall patient stay.

Communication is Key
In addition to being quality clinicians, they are also experts in navigating the hospital system to ensure patients get the right treatments and tests at the right time. They consult with specialists, discuss diagnostic tests results and constantly communicate and coordinate with hospital staff, case managers, specialty consultants and outpatient physicians.

They also spend time with their patients, helping them and their families understand what is happening. What tests will be performed today? When can you expect to be discharged?

Continuity of Care
Beyond coordinating care while in the hospital, Hospitalists also help ensure that a patient’s primary care physician is up-to-date at the time the patient is ready to go home or to another healthcare facility. To accomplish this, a summary that includes information like diagnoses, current condition, lab results, treatments received, medications prescribed, etc., is sent at discharge. With this report in-hand, primary care physicians are better equipped to help their patients continue on the road to recovery.

Our Promise
So while you, a friend or a family member are in the care of Sentara Hospital Medicine Physicians, you can be assured that:
• You will also have expert care, when and where you need it.
• All your questions will be answered and the team will even help with educational needs and the coordination of insurance related issues.
• Your primary care physician will have all the information about your stay that they need to help you continue to get better after you leave the hospital.

As members of the Sentara team, Sentara Hospital Medicine Physicians are committed to the well-being of each of our patients and to the creation of an extraordinary healthcare experience.

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