Why Did I Receive More Than One Bill?
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Why Did I Receive More Than One Bill? 

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A patient who receives services from any of the Sentara Hospitals may receive more than one billing statement for those services. You will receive a hospital billing statement for the services that were rendered to you at the hospital as well as a separate bill for any radiology, cardiology, emergency room physician, anesthesia, laboratory, or other physician services.

When you receive a billing statement from a radiologist it is normally for the reading or interpretation of an x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc. A billing statement from a cardiologist is normally for reading or interpretation of an EEG, EKG, stress test, etc., and a billing statement from an emergency physician is normally for the physician’s examination, diagnosis and treatment of a patient while that patient was in the hospital/emergency department.

Additional billing statements (other than your hospital billing statement) will have the phone number of the specific billing office for questions regarding that statement. (Note: Services rendered by providers other than the hospital may not be covered by your insurance carrier. Check your policy for details.)

Listed below are some of the most frequently requested numbers for services billed other than hospital services. The list is organized by common services that a patient may receive at Sentara Hospitals. 

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