Why am I Getting a Bill When I Have Not Been to the Hospital?
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Why am I Getting a Bill When I Have Not Been to the Hospital? 

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You may receive a billing statement from the hospital even though you did not actually visit the hospital for services. This will happen if your doctor has performed lab work or a biopsy for you at his office but then sends the specimen to the hospital for analysis. You will receive a bill from your doctor for the lab work / biopsy procedure AND a bill from the hospital for the analysis of the lab work/biopsy.

Important Things to Know about Lab Work

Your doctor should inform you that the lab work will be sent out for analysis. Your doctor should provide billing information to the hospital.

Your insurance carrier may have a designated lab facility, and will only pay for services at these facilities. Remember to check your policy.
If your insurance carrier does not cover these services, the balance will be your responsibility.

If you have more questions about whether or not service will be covered, contact your health insurance plan.

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