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About Sentara eCare® 

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The Sentara eCare Health Network® is a clinical system which uses innovative technology to link patient medical information between Sentara hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare sites over a protected network, enabling the secure sharing of patient information.

As a patient, you will benefit in many ways, including increased patient safety, enhanced quality of care, and improved coordination of care.

Sentara eCare Health Network® also enables physicians to read other caregivers’ notes and share their notes with others within and outside the hospital walls – all through this protected network.

What does Sentara eCare® Accomplish?
Real-time documentation
Improved communications and coordination
Enhanced quality of care

Important Features of Sentara eCare®

Electronic Medical Record
   An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) replaces your paper medical chart with a secure, digital record. This electronic record is
   accessible to authorized clinicians via the secure Sentara eCare Health Network®.

Dedication to Patient Security and Privacy
   Sentara eCare® was carefully developed with technology that guarantees a secure system. Only doctors, other healthcare
   providers and hospitals who are involved in your care have access to your electronic medical record. While the system ensures
   your privacy, it also enables your entire medical team to view your medical history electronically, resulting in better collaboration
   and better care.

Enhanced Patient Safety
   In 2005, when the U.S. government called for each patient to have an electronic medical record (EMR) within the next 10 years,
   Sentara listened. With Sentara eCare Health Network®, we’re leading a national trend toward better patient safety and reduced
   medical errors. The new system will also provide a wide range of other benefits, including improved overall efficiency and easier
   access for patients to their own records.

Benefits of Sentara eCare® 

With realtime documentation of your healthcare status and needs, authorized physicians and clinicians can get the information they need to understand your current health condition and treatment plan. That way they can better collaborate to bring you the safest
and best quality care possible.

Electronic documentation also allows your historical medical record to be accessible and reviewable by all authorized members of your healthcare team at any time and from any where, helping make your future healthcare encounters even more efficient and effective.

Sentara eCare® in the Hospital Setting

Should you need inpatient care in a Sentara hospital, some changes will be evident during your stay.

Computer terminals will be within patient rooms or will be rolled into and out of your room as our
clinical team monitors and documents your health information.

A scanner will be used to swipe your arm band as part of our improved positive patient identification process. This added safety check helps to ensure the right patient is being treated at the right time in the right way

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