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Exceptional Patient Stories  

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At Sentara, we believe our patients and customers deserve our best every time they walk through our doors. We appreciate and value hearing about employees who have exemplified the Sentara Commitments. With your help we can continue improving and truly redefining what it means to deliver healthcare in the future.

We invite you to read recent letters and notes we've received from patients and families who have received exceptional care thanks to Sentara employees. If you'd like to share your exceptional Sentara story, you may do so by using our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.


{New Mom Says They Were 'Blessed' With Nurse's Help During Delivery}

 Exceptional Patient Story - New Family at Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital
Baby Tommy and his proud parents at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
"On July 6, 2011, I went into labor, and my husband drove me to the hospital (Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital) around 9:30 p.m.

We were blessed with a nurse named Reagan. She not only answered all of my thousands of questions, but she answered all of my family's questions, as well. She made me feel completely comfortable and acted as though I was the most important person in her world during that night and into the morning.

My baby Tommy was born at 6:14 a.m. on July 7th, (2011) and Reagan put everything she had into making it the most pleasant and memorable experience that she could. I (as well as my entire family) feel as though we were honestly blessed with her service that night and day, and we appreciate everything that she did to bring Tommy into this world as pain free and comfortable as possible.

Thank you, Reagan, for making our first delivery a pleasant and enjoyable one." 

– Cathryn F. 

{After Failed Treatments Elsewhere, Sentara Potomac Delivered Relief .. and Fast}

"It's 0230 am and I'm up (and feel great tonight) because every night for the last few, I've been short of breath and felt my throat closing with severe allergic reaction to a dental treatment/procedure.

I do not have allergies to food or medicine and have never experienced severe symptoms, including the breathing issues. I have felt like my throat is tight with swelling of my face and eyes, and blurred vision for nearly 3 weeks. I thought I was going to have an anaphylactic reaction.

 Exceptional Patient Story - Potomac
 Sentara Potomac patient (with her daughters in front of the White House) thankful for hospital's efforts to solve frustrating illness.  
Tonight after being seen in the Emergency Department of Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center (formerly Potomac Hospital) in Woodbridge, I am nearly symptom free after a few hours of my visit. I usually seek care from one of your competitors and am new to the area, but felt I couldn't make the trip tonight.

I was moved quickly from the pleasant registration and triage area immediately to a room. I thought it might be a long time before I was seen, as the parking area was full, including a helicopter and ambulances (3). But this was not the case! I flew through!

When I was walked back by an assistant, who was more than kind, caring and friendly, I was immediately seen by Debbie, RN, who ran to get me a drink. I had nearly overdosed myself on histamine treatments and compromised some of my diabetic meds trying to treat myself and follow directions from four previous MD visits and conflicting treatment plans, in the last three weeks (not at Potomac).

After Debbie, the ultimate nurse, assessed the situation, I saw Terry Adams, NP. She was thorough, efficient, thoughtful, LISTENED, and immediately treated me with perfect professional, intelligent care, followed by improvement in my condition and left me feeling completely assured I was in good hands. Barron took me to X-ray and was, again, professional, kind, thoughtful, and never seemed rushed. Everything flowed so spontaneously, I hardly had time to think between providers visiting my room. I had NO WAIT despite a still a clearly full ED.

I was so impressed, I was compelled to ask for a family physician in the area, as I have not established with someone here in northern VA since our move from Wisconsin. To top it off, as a health care worker with exposure to many hospitals and ED areas, I must say that is the cleanest one I have seen to date.

Your general milieu is pleasant both in the waiting area and in the interior ED. Everyone I met was sweet and smiling, professional, concerned, responsive to any need I expressed.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and my 7 kids, husband and I will be back for routine care as well as ED care PRN.
Love it! PLEASE give my compliments to the Potomac/Northern VA team."

–  Kathryne L.

{Obici Nurses Set Up Impromptu Birthday Celebration for Patient}

"Recently, between August 12th-August 14th, 2011, my elderly mom was on the first floor medical oncology unit at Sentara Obici Hospital. I can't thank all the nursing staff, and everyone who works on the first floor enough for all they did to take care of my mom. 

She is 84 years young and had a birthday on the day she was due to check out. All the nurses on duty came in signing "Happy Birthday" with a piece of cake with a candle. It really was an awesome gesture and drove home to me that because of the care of the docs and nurses, my mom was going to be coming home to me for another day.

There was not one moment she did not get everything she needed to make her as comfortable as possible while she was admitted. Thank you all so much Obici First Floor Medical Oncology Staff!! You're the best!!!"

Joyce W.


{Nurse ‘Cared About Me as a Person as Well as a Patient,‘ Grateful SNGH Patient Says}

"I was admitted to Sentara Norfolk for chest discomfort and secondarily a kidney stone. I had a wonderful nurse, Claire Miller, who was, without a doubt, the most attentive and caring nurse I have ever met. She cared about me as a person as well as a patient.

I passed my thanks on to her personally but wanted Sentara to know what a wonderful person and valuable asset she is. Too often people complain and rarely compliment. Well, I am doing my part in passing on a compliment to Sentara and my nurse Claire Miller."

– Anthony A.


{'A Million Thank You's for Hiring Someone So Amazing,' Son Says of Elderly Mother's Nurse}

"Let me tell you a little story about an exceptional person that Sentara Careplex has on staff.

Her name is Tiana Gange. She works the weekend shift (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) on the cardiac floor. My 88-year-old mother, Jeannette J., spent about a week in your facility. During that time, Tiana not only expressed a genuine care for my mother's well-being but also professionalism like no other health care provider I have ever had contact with.

She was always extremely attentive whenever my mother or I requested her help. She went above and beyond the "norm" and, believe me, my mother, at 88,  can be a very demanding individual. Tiana always had a smile on her face even when being pulled in more than one direction at one time. Not only was she professional and genuinely cared about her job, but in talking to her she is also a single Mom who works three 12-hour shifts so she can go to school during the week and also be there for her 5-year-old boy.

People like her are hard to come across anymore. I though she needed to know, as well as her supervisors and the administration of this hospital. Mom is resting comfortably back at her home thanks to people like Tiana. A million thank you's for hiring someone so amazing."

– Steve J.


{Wife Finds Helpful Advice, Caring Staff Throughout Husband's Care At Norfolk General}

"My husband, Lawrence, went in for surgery on June 10, 2011. We stayed in Guest Services (at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital) the night of the 9th. I continued my stay until the morning of the 12th when he was released from the hospital. I was without a single doubt very pleased with not only Guest Services but with every employee with whom I came in contact.

Dr. Riggs, who performed the surgery, was great! He helped us prepare for the surgery by giving us a (literally) a picture of what he was going to perform. He and his staff kept in contact with us on MyChart. After surgery he talked with me and answered my questions. The nurse who kept me informed during the surgery, on almost an hourly basis was wonderful and very willing to answer my questions.

The nurses and doctors in the overflow area were very attentive to both Lawrence and myself. My husband was held in there because of an emergency situation on the fourth floor. I was kept informed and allowed to stay with him and witnessed their care and concern.

All the employees (some carrying their lunch or dinner) were more than willing to guide me to the correct elevator. During my stay, many asked if I needed any guidance before I approached them. I was absolutely overwhelmed with their patience and kindness. The cafeteria personnel were wonderful, even reminding me that I could get a senior discount.

Everyone from the nurses to the maintenance people were excellent. I could not have asked for a better experience. The floor nurses were excellent – very professional and caring. I made a point of writing down the names of Jessica, Barbara and Lashawna.

Thank you to all who helped us. I am sure that there are several people behind the scenes who I never saw who should also have our thanks."

Janice and Lawrence R.


{Patient Drew Comfort from Obici Staff While Being Treated for Massive Blood Clot}

"I was admitted through the Emergency Room at Sentara Obici Hospital on June 19th, 2011, with a massive blood clot in my leg. I have never been in a hospital before and was scared to death, not knowing what was wrong with me. I was...there for a week.

I cannot express the gratitude to the nurses and staff that took care of me. I have NEVER met such fantastic people who were both professional and caring at the same time. Even though they worked 12-hour shifts, you would not have known it. They were always there when you buzzed them and always had a smile on their face.

I have new friends now at Obici, and especially Jessica, Donna, Connie, Heather and Doris Riddick to name a few. Thanks to Obici for employing such great people. They are a gift from God."

– Janice R.

{Daughter Commends Nursing Center Staff on 'Excellent Care' of Mother}
"I would like to commend the excellent nursing staff you have at your Sentara Nursing Center (Virginia Beach). My mother is currently in skilled care at this facility and I have been so pleased with all of the nurses and CNA's who have taken care of my mother. Not only do they provide excellent care on a daily basis, they are very patient and loving with my mother. I do not have last names, but I want to mention some of the staff who take care of my mother regularly...Jackie, Karen, Ameenah, Lois, Laura, Linda and Tamiko.

I live 4 hours away, so I am only there Friday through Sunday each week, but I have many other family and friends who are with my mom throughout the week. Everyone has commented on how nice the nursing staff is at this facility. They all truly deserve to be recognized for the outstanding job they do."

Thank you,
Wendy P


{Wife Thanks Husband's Care Team For 'Exceptional Service' at Leigh}

"I am writing to let you know about the exceptional care my husband received at Sentara Leigh when he was in the emergency room from July 13 - July 14, 2011.

My husband arrived by ambulance with chest pains. From the time we arrived until his discharge we received the best of care. Employees from the front to the back all had smiling faces. They asked us repeatedly if there was something they could do for us, keeping us informed of all test results and, most of all, keeping my husband comfortable for the duration of his stay.

I would like to thank the following people who stand out in our minds for their exceptional service Dr. Best, Cesar, Sarah, and Marie. 

I am also an employee of Sentara and this only makes me more proud to work for this company."

Thank You,
Deborah and Bill D.


{Parents Call Nurses Who Cared for Their Daughter A 'Credit To Their Profession'}

"My daughter, Alisabeth S., gave birth at (Sentara) Virginia Beach General on July 16, 2011. Her nurses, Melissa and Becca were outstanding and provided our family with loving care and comfort. My husband and I both were impressed with their work and would like them to be recognized for a job well done. They both are a credit to their profession."

– Sue M.


{Patient Grateful for 'Extra Caring' Nurse With Sense of Humor}

I was admitted to (Sentara) Bayside Hospital in Virginia Beach after having chest pains. I wanted to thank all the staff for caring for me during my stay but offer a special thank you for the night shift nurse on duty that evening. Not only was she extra caring but she also kept me laughing. She even came back in before she left to say good-bye before I went down for a stress test. Thank you for caring me in my time of need.

David B.

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