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About Sentara Healthcare

About Sentara Healthcare

Looking Forward

In efforts to continuously provide quality care, reach favorable outcomes, and provide care at low costs, Sentara’s leaders have been efficient in responding to the perfect storm of change. Full implementation of The Affordable Care Act in 2014 is expected to result in millions more Americans with newly acquired health insurance seeking primary care relationships. Sentara Healthcare is making strides to accommodate the expected surge of patients through a team approach to care. Optima Health is working to prepare for implementation of a federally-run Exchange in Virginia, which will allow individuals and small businesses to purchase health insurance through an online marketplace.

In 2013, Sentara launched its Transformation of Care initiative that focuses on care teams that expand capacity through advanced care providers while maintaining quality, which will be a key factor in future reimbursements.

In addition, more than 100,000 Sentara Medical Group patients, and growing, have subscribed to Sentara MyChart, which helps them engage as partners with their care teams over the internet and cultivates a team approach to chronic diseases. Sentara partnered with community physicians to create Sentara Quality Care Network, which is a clinically integrated network of providers that work together to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare throughout the community. This collaboration strives to meet quality standards set forth by the network and leads to greater efficiency in care delivery and overall cost savings.

Sentara takes pride in giving back to the community. Not-for-Profit health systems like Sentara are expected to provide ‘Community Benefit’ in excess of what they would pay in taxes, and Sentara exceeds that threshold by tens of millions of dollars each year while providing free healthcare to tens of thousands of patients.

Since the 1800s, Sentara has grown into a multi-faceted health system providing health care across Virginia and into North Carolina. Along the way, there have been changing technologies and systems, new partnerships and mergers, all a means to the same end sought by the nurses of 1888 - saving lives and improving health every day.

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