Sentara Employees

Sentara MDLIVE

Sentara MDLIVE

A Benefit for Sentara Healthcare’s Own Employees

MDLIVE AppYour Employee Benefit
For employees with Optima or Cigna insurance, a visit with Sentara MDLIVE is only $15. For those with high-deductible plans, a visit would be covered at 100% after meeting your deductible.

WorkPerks Discount Opportunity
Even employees that aren’t covered by Optima can still enjoy a discount on their Sentara MDLIVE virtual appointment. Visit WaveNet to get the $5 off coupon code for your region!

Introducing the MDLIVE App
Sick on a weekend? Googling your symptoms? Try Sentara MDLIVE to speak to a board-certified doctor - with the new MDLIVE app on your smartphone it’s easier to use than ever.

It’s Ready When You Need It
Register today using the MDLIVE app and you save even more time when you need an appointment.

How to Register using the MDLIVE App
1. Download the App to your phone from the Apple or Android Marketplace.

2. Launch the App and follow prompts to make a profile – you’ll need your insurance member ID handy if you’re registering as an employee with Optima or Cigna insurance.Mobile APP

You can also scan this QR code to get the MDLIVE App


Register Online
You can still register for MDLIVE from your computer:
General Registration (if you don’t have Sentara insurance)

Sentara Employee Optima Member Registration

Sentara Employee Cigna Member Registration

Watch the video below to learn more about the Sentara employee discount for MDLIVE and hear how one employee took advantage of Sentara MDLIVE to receive quality care without interrupting her day.