Sentara Employees

Sentara MDLIVE

Sentara MDLIVE

A Benefit for Sentara Healthcare’s Own Employees

The Sentara Employee Benefit
For those employees insured by Optima or Cigna through Sentara, the 2014 Optima and Cigna Benefits plan includes these virtual visits to be included as part of your coverage. Sentara employees with Optima and CIGNA have this benefit available for a $15 co-pay (and for those with high-deductible plans, a visit would be covered at 100% after meeting your deductible).

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Don't wait until you're not feeling well to get registered. Visit or to get you and your covered family members registered so the service is ready when you need it.

WorkPerks Discount Opportunity
Even employees that aren’t covered by Optima can still enjoy a discount on their Sentara MDLIVE virtual appointment. Visit WaveNet to get the $5 off coupon code for your region!

Watch the video below to learn more about the Sentara employee discount for MDLIVE and hear how one employee took advantage of Sentara MDLIVE to receive quality care without interrupting her day.