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Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center Emergency Department 

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The Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center Emergency Department is focused on providing exquisite service to patients with shorter length of stays. The Emergency Department consists of 29 beds, including six fast-track beds. Emergency physicians are board certified and serve approximately 45,000 patients a year. All emergency nurses have received advanced cardiac life support, trauma and pediatric certifications.

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Emergency Department Patient and User Guide

Patient Information
We continuously improve health in our community through teamwork and compassionate care. The staff and physicians at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department are committed to providing highly skilled emergency care and service to the patients and family members who come to the center. This guide is designed to explain what is happening while you are here and to provide information that will help you obtain follow-up care.

Reception, Triage and Registration
Your first stop will be the reception desk where you will be greeted by a registered nurse or registrar. The triage nurse is the person who will provide your initial assessment and prioritize your care. You will then go to registration, where you need to provide your identification, personal information, such as your address, phone number, Social Security number, next of kin, guarantor, permission to be treated and whether you have an advance directive such as a living will. The order in which you will receive treatment in the Emergency Department is based on the severity of your condition.

Please notify the receptionist if you must leave the waiting room for any reason.

If your condition changes while you are in the waiting area, notify the triage nurse immediately.

The Treatment Area
As soon as space becomes available you will be taken to an exam room, the Emergency Department staff will discuss your condition with you and prescribe a course of treatment that could include your release from the center, admission to the hospital or transfer to another facility for specialty care.

Discharge Center from the Emergency Department
If you will be leaving the Emergency Department to go home, you will receive instructions for follow-up care, which includes home care instructions and possibly medication prescriptions.

Please follow all of your discharge instructions to ensure your full recovery. Feel free to call the Emergency Department at (757) 984-7155 with any questions.

If you are being admitted to Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center, you will be taken by stretcher to your room. There you will meet your nurse and be oriented to that unit of the hospital. If you need to go to another facility, your transportation options including costs, will be explained to you. You have a choice of which ambulance service you wish to use.

Your Bill
You will receive two bills for your care - one from Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department, and another from Williamsburg Emergency Physicians Inc. for your physician care.

If you have any questions regarding these bills, you should contact the appropriate billing office. For questions relating to your hospital bill, call Patient Accounting at (757) 984-4500. For the Williamsburg Emergency Physicians, Inc. bill, call (757) 941-6000.

If you undergo any X-rays while you are in the Emergency Department, you also will receive a separate bill from the radiologist. The radiology bill will have a contact number on it should you have any questions.

The Emergency Department Staff
It takes many Emergency Department team members to care for emergency patients. At Williamsburg Regional Medical Center, our registrars, technicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and physicians work together with the latest technology to treat the patients who come here for care.

Our team members have undergone extensive, advanced training, which enables them to respond to any emergency quickly. Included on the team are: 

Bullet point Technicians with advanced EMS experience. 
Bullet point Registered nurses with advanced cardiac life support certifications and pediatric emergency certifications. 
Bullet point Advance practice nurse practitioners. 
Bullet point Physicians assistants
Bullet point Board-certified physicians specializing in Family or Emergency Medicine.

Our team is extremely qualified and committed to treating you. Quality service is our goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Emergency Department Manager at (757) 984-7209.

For Family Members & Visitors to the Emergency Department
Please respect staff decisions about whether a patient can have visitors. If visitors are permitted, a maximum of two family members may be with the patient in the treatment area. In the event that a family member must leave the waiting area, the receptionist should be notified. Family members are advised to hold the patient's personal possessions and valuables while the patient is being treated.

For your convenience, the following services are available at Williamsburg Regional Medical Center

Bullet pointCafeteria - 1st floor
Bullet pointPineapple Gift Shop - Lobby
Bullet pointATM - 1st floor
Bullet pointVending machines - Hallway by EDC and near cafeteria
Bullet pointRestrooms - Every floor
Bullet pointTelephones with TDD machines - Entry level (Monticello Lobby)
Bullet pointBaby changing tables - restrooms

Questions & Answers

If I have a question, who can help me?
If you are in the waiting area, the registrar can assist you. If the registrar cannot answer your question, he or she will locate the person who can. If you are in the treatment area, your nurse will assist you.

Why was someone who came in after me called first to the treatment area?

In the Emergency Department, the order of treatment is based on patient acuity. Those patients who are the sickest are seen first. If you have waited longer than the triage nurse's original estimate, see the registrar for an update. Often it means a very ill patient has since come in and the team is working to save the person's life.

What's an advance directive?
It is a legal document, such as a living will, that lets you say ahead of time what kind of health care you want or don't want in a medical emergency.

I'm here with my sick child. Will I be asked to leave him/her during treatment?
No. We encourage you to stay with your child during the entire time he or she is in the Emergency Department If you must leave, please notify the staff immediately that you are arranging to have another adult family member stay with your child.

I think I may be pregnant. Is it really necessary to tell the staff that I could be expecting a baby?

Yes! Exposure to X-rays may be harmful to your pregnancy, as may certain medications. Always make sure to disclose everything concerning your physical condition to the triage nurse and the Emergency Department staff.

Is there someone I can call to help my family deal with this crisis?
Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center has both a chaplain and a crisis counselor available to assist patients and their family members. Please notify any member of the Emergency Department team if you would like assistance.

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