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Respiratory Equipment and Services 

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Respiratory Equipment and ServicesSentara Home Care Services' Medical and Respiratory Equipment program provides options that can help our patients achieve and maintain their highest level of independence. We offer a comprehensive range of respiratory equipment, as well as the therapies and educational instruction that enable patients to maximize equipment benefits. 

Respiratory Wellness Program
Patients in our Respiratory Wellness Program breathe easier at home with the latest ventilator technology, as well as other state-of-the-art respiratory equipment and clinical services. The program is individualized to the patient and family, and physicians are kept informed as their patients progress toward increased independence and ability to perform self-care activities and enhanced compliance with prescribed therapies.

Respiratory Equipment Available: 

Oxygen TherapyOxygen Therapy

Sentara Home Medical and Respiratory Equipment responds to the needs of every patient by providing the oxygen system most appropriate for his or her lifestyle. We regularly monitor how well each respiratory patient follows the prescribed course of treatment, ensuring compliance with liter flow and hours of use. Regularly monitoring patient compliance increases the likelihood that patients will receive the maximum benefit from the prescribed therapy. The following equipment is provided according to the physician's prescription and with consideration for the activity level of each patient:
Gas cylinder systems
Liquid oxygen systems
Oxygen conserving systems for travel
Portable oxygen systems

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Sleep disorders adversely affect health, mood and energy levels. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices maintain open airways in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea by providing airflow at prescribed pressures during sleep.

Most patients receiving a CPAP device report better quality sleep, more energy, increased alertness and improved cognitive function. In order for treatment modalities to be effective, patients must be compliant with their prescription. The trained professional staff at Sentara Home Medical and Respiratory Equipment maximizes compliance through careful instruction and follow-up monitoring.

Respiratory Equipment 
Apnea monitors
Compressors and high humidity systems
Inhalation medications
Peak flow meters and incentive spirometers
Mechanical ventilators
Pulse oximeters
Respiratory supplies
Suction machines

Our financial counselors are available to help patients determine covered services and file the necessary paperwork. Insurance reimbursement is available for most medical and respiratory equipment ordered by a physician.

For more information on respiratory equipment and services, call (757) 553-3000 or (800) HOMECARE.


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