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Labor Techniques Checklist 

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This handy list can be useful during your stages of labor. These techniques may shorten and help you cope with the discomforts of labor.

Techniques for Early Labor
 Eat light snacks 
 Drink water or juices 
 Stay at home until contractions are about 5 minutes apart

Techniques for Active Labor and Transition
 Change positions (stand, walk, squat, hands & knees, kneel, slow dance, sit, lie on your side)
 Breathing Hydrotherapy 
 Birth Ball 
 Coping with nausea (acupressure points, ice, warmer liquids, cold cloths, brush teeth)

Techniques for Back Labor 
 Change positions (try squatting, hands and knees, kneeling, leaning, slow dance, or the birth ball)
 Pelvic tilt 
 Heat and cold
 Counter pressure 
 Double hip squeeze

Techniques for Long Labor 
 Try different techniques (especially back labor techniques)
 Rest (support people need rest, too)
 Stay hydrated and nourished (goes for support team, too) 
 Hang in there!

Positions for Pushing 
 Squatting (try bar, side of bed, chair) 
 Hands and knees

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