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At the Sentara Epilepsy Center, patients can find an integrated system of quality clinical care with advanced monitoring technology, surgical capabilities and an on-site epilepsy specialist.

The outpatient-based care epilepsy center handles complex patients requiring advanced epilepsy care. Patients can access the Sentara Epilepsy Center through any of the multiple Sentara Neurology Specialists practice locations or by calling 877-310-8713.

At the Sentara Epilepsy Center, evaluations are a critical success factor to treating our patients. Evaluations are conducted to clarify the type and frequency of seizures, in order to maximize the effectiveness of medical treatment and determine if surgical treatment is possible. In some cases, evaluations are necessary to rule out other possible causes for spells which may resemble epilepsy.

The steps
The epilepsy specialists at the Sentara Epilepsy Center will conduct a physical exam, and compile an extensive medical history. Patients should provide as many specifics about the nature of their seizures as possible. (It helps to bring a family member who has witnessed your seizures to the initial intake interview to describe your seizures to the neurologist.)

A team of staff and doctors review each individual patient's case. Recommendations resulting from that consultation including the risks, benefits and successful outcomes of surgery, can then be presented to the patient and family members.

How can I find out more about the Sentara Epilepsy Center?
Call 877-310-8713.

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