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Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease 

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Symptoms of Parkinson's disease vary from patient to patient and can involve many body systems from muscles to skin. They may also appear slowly and in no particular order. Many years may pass before early symptoms progress to the point where they interfere with normal activities. It is also important to note that a patient may not necessarily have all of these symptoms.

The four Hallmark Symptoms of Parkinson's disease are:

Rigidity: Stiffness when the arm, leg or neck is moved back and forth. 
Resting tremor: Tremor when a body part is relaxed, such as in the hand, foot or chin.  A “pill rolling” movement of thumb and fingers at rest is common. 
Bradykinesia: Slowness in initiating or maintaining movement.
Loss of postural reflexes: Patients have poor balance and may fall.

Other, more subtle symptoms of Parkinson's Disease may include:

Small cramped hand-writing
Decreased arm-swing or scuffing of foot on the affected side when walking
Decreased facial expression
Lowered voice volume
Feelings of depression or anxiety
Episodes of feeling “stuck in place”  when initiating a step
Increase in dandruff or oily skin
Less frequent blinking or swallowing
Vivid or active dreaming

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