Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance Service
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Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance Service 

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Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance

Office:  (757) 388-2500
Fax:  (757) 388-3090

One of the most important journeys of your life could be with a group of strangers at thousands of feet above the ground.

For over a quarter of a century, Nightingale has made it possible for accident victims in critical condition to reach the hospital in record time in order to have complex injuries addressed immediately.

Over the past several years, Nightingale has expanded its capabilities for addressing the needs of critically ill patients with high-tech equipment, including an intra-aortic balloon pump and a 12-lead EK monitor.

And while saving precious moments, Nightingale provides the most sophisticated en route trauma care to the most gravely injured patients... all at thousands of feet above the ground.

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