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27 percent increase in fuel
28 percent increase in range
Potential for instrument flight (reducing missed flights due to weather)

Performance Enhancements
14 percent more take-off power
18 - 37 percent more engine power
12 percent more weight capacity
21 percent more space

Technological Advances
Weather radar
Night vision capability
Satellite tracking
Patient care flexibility

Detailed Information from Eurocopter
In operations on land and at sea, the EC145 is at the top of its class in the medium-sized, twin-engine helicopter category. This multi-mission helicopter combines Eurocopter’s latest developments such as an advanced cockpit design, avionics and a sophisticated electrical system. 

The EC145 offers a proven hingeless rotor system with a monolithic titanium hub and enhanced rotor blades which ensure low noise and vibration levels.

The EC145 combines Eurocopter’s latest technical developments. The EC145’s hingeless rotor system with its monolithic titanium hub is fully proven. In addition to environmental and economical aspects, the rotor system together with high time between overhaul (TBO) gearbox and airframe components allow for low maintenance costs, in addition to high in-service time of the helicopter due to the low level of scheduled maintenance required.

The EC145 is equipped with two powerful and reliable Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 engines which, in combination with its lifting system, provide outstanding performance and vital power reserves even in one-engine-inoperative scenarios. Twin-engine reliability is complemented by a fully separated fuel system, a tandem hydraulic system, dual electrical system and redundant lubrication for the main transmission. Further positive safety aspects of the EC145 are design elements like energy absorbing fuselage and seats, as well as crash-resistant fuel cells.

The EC145 allows Cat. A operation up to the level of class 1 performance.


Height  (rotor turning)

                                   13 m /  42.65 ft

Fuselage length

10.20 m / 33.5 ft


3.96 m / 12.99 ft

Width (blades folded)

3.12 m / 10.24 ft

Main rotor diameter

11 m / 36.09 ft

Tail rotor diameter

1.96 m / 6.43 ft 


Maximum take-off weight

3,585 kg /  7,913 lb

Empty weight, standard configuration

1,792 kg / 3,951 lb

Useful load, standard configuration

1,793 kg / 3,953 lb

Maximum cargo swing load

1,500 kg / 3,307 lb

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