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Hip Replacement Surgery 

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Direct Anterior Hip Replacement. The Jiffy Hip procedure preformed by Orthopedic surgeons in Virginia.

Orthopedic surgeons may recommend hip replacement surgery to patients when other treatments have failed to resolve their pain or specific hip condition.

The hip is the joint where the thigh bone (femur) meets the pelvis bone. It is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body where the ball-like top of the thigh bone moves within a cup-like space in the pelvis.

Hip surgery, including hip replacement surgery, may be recommended for people with hip joint damage that causes pain and interferes with daily activities despite treatment.

Over the past several years, orthopedic surgeons have been developing new less invasive surgical techniques to insert total hip replacement implants through smaller incisions. Advances in the technology of hip replacements and refinements in surgical techniques are improving an already successful treatment procedure for treating hip pain. The JIFFY HIP* procedure, a type of direct anterior hip replacement surgery, is offering new options for some patients.

Sentara's board-certified and specialty-trained orthopedic surgeons perform the JIFFY HIP* procedure on the Peninsula at the new Orthopaedic Hospital at Sentara CarePlex,  and on the Southside at Sentara Leigh Hospital

* JIFFY HIP is a registered trademark of Mizuho Orthopedic Systems, Inc.

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