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MAKOplasty® Hip Replacement 

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MAKOplasty® for Total Hip Replacement is offered through the Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. If
hip pain limits your activities and lifestyle, you may be suffering from degenerative joint disease (DJD). Your doctor may recommend MAKOplasty® Total Hip procedure.

Who is a good candidate for the MAKOplasty® Total Hip procedure?
If you have one or more of the following symptoms, talk to you doctor – you may be
a candidate for MAKOplasty.
Pain while putting weight on the affected joints
Limping to lessen the weight-bearing pressure on the hip
Hip pain or stiffness during walking or other impact activities
Failure to respond to non-surgical treatments or pain medication

What is total hip replacement?
Patients who have DJD may benefit from total hip replacement, also referred to as total hip arthroplasty. This is a surgical procedure in which the arthritic hip joint is replaced by implants, which include:
A metal cup with a plastic liner, which replaces
the socket (acetabulum) in the pelvis
 A metal femoral stem and head

The goal of total hip replacement is to increase mobility and ability to perform daily activities. 

How does MAKOplasty® work?
If your surgeon determines that you are a good candidate for the MAKOplasty procedure, one or two weeks prior to your surgery date you will receive a CT scan of your hip. This is used to create a 3-D model of your hip pelvis and femur.

The surgeon uses the RIO® software with information from the model to plan your surgery based on your unique anatomy. During surgery, the software provides real-time information to optimize implant positioning and alignment, and the robotic arm is used to prepare your socket and guide placement of the implants.

What are the benefits of MAKOplasty®?
MAKOplasty benefits may include:
Accurate placement of your hip implant using the surgeon-controlled robotic arm system
More consistency in leg length
Decreased risk of the implant and bone abnormally rubbing together

Make sure to discuss all of your options with your doctor to determine what would work best for you.

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