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Detection and Treatment for Kidney Disease and Failure 

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Early detection and treatment of chronic kidney disease are the keys to keeping kidney disease from progressing to kidney failure. Some simple tests can be done to detect early kidney disease.

Possible signs of kidney disease include:
     High blood pressure 
     Blood and/or protein in the urine
     A creatinine or Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) blood test outside the normal range. BUN and creatinine are substances that become elevated in the blood when kidney function is reduced.
     A glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which requires the collection of a 12 or 24 hour specimen, is a measure of kidney function.
     More frequent urination, particularly at night.
     Difficult or painful urination.
     Puffiness around the eyes, swelling of hands and feet, and weight gain.

Early detection tests include:
     Blood pressure measurement 
     Protein test, because an excess amount of protein in your urine may be the result of damaged filtering units caused by disease.
     A blood creatinine and urea nitrogen test evaluates the ability of the kidney to clear this substance efficiently, which provides a measure of stable and normal renal function. 
Types of treatment for kidney failure include:
     Dialysis, which removes waste, excess water and chemicals from the body.
     Kidney transplantation. This procedure involves harvesting a kidney from a cadaver or living related donor, and attaching it to the appropriate blood vessels within the abdomen so that it can take over the function of the diseased kidney.


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