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Diagnostic Tools for Male Infertility 

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  History and physical exam
Exams will also include blood work and semen analysis. A semen sample will be able to assess factors such as volume, count, concentration, movement and structure of sperm.

 Transrectal ultrasound
Imaging test that places a probe into the rectum to beam high-frequency sound waves to nearby ejaculatory ducts. This test can help determine if these structures are either poorly developed or obstructed with cysts, calcifications or other blockages. 

 Testicular biopsy
Biopsy is used when semen analysis shows a very low number of sperm or no sperm. A small piece of tissue is removed from each testicle for microscopic evaluation. The biopsy can determine the cause of infertility and, if necessary, retrieve sperm for use in assisted reproduction.

 Hormonal profile
Discovers the sperm-producing ability of your testicles and can eliminate certain conditions.

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