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Male Infertility 

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Infertility is a common but often complex condition affecting up to 50 percent of couples attempting to conceive a baby. As it is a problem involving both partners, it is essential that the male partner be fully evaluated to identify potentially treatable causes leading to failure to conceive. 

Fortunately, with diagnostic evaluation, innovative laboratory technologies and surgical procedures now available, a diagnosis of infertility may mean the road to parenthood may be challenging but not impossible. In fact, many options now being used for treatment of this condition were not available as recently as five years ago. Many couples for whom parenthood would have been impossible a decade ago are now successfully having families of their own.  

Male infertility describes any condition in which the production or delivery of adequate quality and numbers of sperm is impaired, thus diminishing the chance of a pregnancy with the partner. This may be due to hormonal problems, developmental abnormalities, obstruction, prior surgeries, previous illness, injury or a variety or other medical conditions. Careful diagnosis of the nature of the male factor problem is essential to direct available treatments.

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