Achieving Weight Loss Goals
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Achieving Weight Loss Goals 

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Here are some suggestions to help patients who have undergone weight loss surgery maximize chances for long-term success:
Be prepared to make major, permanent changes in dietary, behavioral and social habits.
For example, if cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods (such as bread, rice, and pasta) or sweets (such as candy and ice cream) caused you to consume large amounts of these items, make a decision to get rid of these types of food from your home.

Family must be supportive of your decision.
It is often difficult or impossible to "prove" your will power to overcome the temptation of eating unhealthy foods when these are within your reach. If depression played a factor in eating large amounts of food, seek professional help to change that behavior. Anything less than total commitment leads to a high likelihood of failure.

Demonstrate a strong motivation or commitment to modify eating habits and lifestyle.
Even after successful surgery and significant weight loss, some patients ultimately regain some, most or all of the lost weight. A medical evaluation usually reveals pouch enlargement from overeating and/or unwise dietary choices. For these reasons, patients will usually not be considered for surgery if they do not demonstrate a strong motivation or commitment to modify their eating habits and lifestyle.  

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