Diet Changes After Weight Loss Surgery
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Diet Changes After Weight Loss Surgery 

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Physicians recommend well before weight loss surgery that patients change their diet to include only the following four food groups: 

Protein-rich foods, such as meat, fish, cheese, or soy-based products like tofu 
Small amounts of high-fiber starches, such as whole wheat wraps or bread

If food does not fit into the four categories, avoid it. For example, muffins, bagels, French fries, donuts, candy, rice, pasta, or potatoes do not qualify as part of the four food groups above.  Also, beverages can't contain sugars or calories. Fruit juice consumption is not recommended.

"Dieting"  usually means a temporary change in the what someone eats. Patients must make a permanent change in how and what they eat. 

Weight loss surgery is meant to help limit food intake by reducing feelings of hunger. Patients must be responsible after the surgery  to consume fewer calories than they burn to lose weight . Dietary restrictions after surgery often will appear to be more rigorous than any other dietary program tried in the past.

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