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No matter our age or athletic ability, we all have recreational activities we enjoy, whether it’s gardening, golfing or running a marathon. When an injury interferes with the activities we love, it can be one of the most challenging times in our life.

At Sentara RMH, our number one priority is helping each of our patients get back to the life they love. Our qualified team will provide you with expert diagnosis and treatment.

When joint pain or injuries occur, we want relief and recovery right away. Our expert physicians, many of whom are athletes themselves, specialize in a wide variety of orthopedic procedures, including sports medicine, joint replacement, spine surgery, hand surgery and more. Together, they provide the most comprehensive orthopedic care in the Valley.

We know you have a choice of where to go for your joint replacement surgery or spine surgery. By selecting Sentara RMH, you choose one of the most comprehensive and quality-focused programs in the Valley. Our expert and diverse team of physicians put the last puzzle piece into place—creating a program with fantastic patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Frank Cuce, D.O.

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Frank Cuce, D.O.

Meet Frank Cuce, MD at Sentara RMH Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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Finally walking again

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Sports Medicine

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