3rd Core

The healthcare industry is evolving, expanding, and transforming. New players and new technologies are entering the market every day. So, how is Sentara staying ahead of the curve? How are we contributing to this monumental change? 3rd Core.

Our passion for delivering on quality and innovation in our communities is a key aspect of Sentara. We also see an opportunity to touch others and extend our passion by sharing our successes and entrepreneurial approach in healthcare with other hospitals and healthcare companies across the country.

So explore our growing portfolio of 3rd Core Solutions. From our journey into virtual healthcare to pilots of products and investments in new partnerships that improve health, our experience can be your head-start.

Virtual Health
Sentara MDLIVE

Potential Impact of Infection Control with Copper Infused Linens & Surfaces
Cupron & EOS Surfaces

Workflow Productivity Technology and Healthcare Analyics