Sentara Princess Anne Hospital is the first in Hampton Roads to offer Mazor Robotics Renaissance® for spine surgery

New spine surgery technology available

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Sentara Princess Anne Hospital is the first in our area to offer the Mazor Robotics Renaissance® guidance system for spine surgery. Mazor Robotics’ surgical guidance system, is transforming spine surgery from freehand operations to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art procedures. This system is used to create a preoperative blueprint of the ideal surgery in a virtual 3D environment. This plan is then used to actively guide the surgeon during the procedure to precisely implement the predefined plan within 1.5 mm accuracy.

Why Choose Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Spine Surgery

You may be a candidate for spine surgery with Mazor Robotics Renaissance if you are one of the many that suffer from a debilitating spinal condition such as:

  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Kyphosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Stenosis
  • Back and leg pain
  • Decreased mobility

With Mazor Robotics Renaissance, surgeons plan before entering the operating room and then implement – with 1.5 mm accuracy – providing consistent results. Surgical treatment of the spine requires planning and precision, and each patient’s anatomy has unique challenges. Surgery with Mazor Robotics can provide increased precision for a wide variety of spine procedures, and in some cases, allows for minimally invasive surgery.

State-of the-Art Treatment for Spine Conditions

Thousands of successful cases have been performed with Mazor Robotics systems, which are in daily use in leading medical centers worldwide. Independent scientific research has clinically validated its accuracy, including a recently published 14-center study demonstrating accuracy levels of 98.3 percent.*

Renaissance is used to treat patients suffering from debilitating back pain or limited range of motion caused by spinal deformities and degenerative conditions such as slipped vertebrae, scoliosis, and spinal nerve impingement (pinched nerves). To treat these conditions, surgeons use Renaissance in procedures such as placing spinal implants in spinal fusion, injecting bone cement in vertebroplasties, and performing biopsies.

How It Works

Surgical treatment of the spine requires planning and precision; and each patient’s anatomy has unique challenges. Surgery with Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance enables surgeons to plan ahead before entering the operating room. During surgery, it guides the surgeons according to the preoperative plan they created. Surgeons use the 3D planning software before surgery to create a unique surgical blueprint for each patient’s condition. During surgery, the surgeon does the actual work; Renaissance guides the surgeon’s tools according to the surgical blueprint to place the implants safely, and with the highest level of accuracy in the exact preplanned locations. Since there is no need for additional X-rays during surgery, with Renaissance there can be less exposure to radiation than with other surgical treatments.

* Devito, DP, Kaplan, L, Dietl R, et al. Clinical acceptance and accuracy assessment of spinal implants guided with SpineAssist surgical robot: retrospective study. Spine. 2010;35(24):2109-2115.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of minimally invasive surgery with Renaissance?
    In open surgery, the spine is exposed through a large incision to allow a full, direct field-of-view and access to the surgeon's hand and tools. In minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon makes small skin incisions to allow visualization of the operating field.
  2. How will my surgeon work with Renaissance?
    Your surgeon will select the best treatment for your specific condition. Based on your CT-scan, your surgeon will use the advanced 3D planning software to plan the optimal surgery customized for your anatomy and diagnosis. Once in the operating room, Renaissance guides your surgeon precisely based on the preoperative plan. Your surgeon is in full control of the system at all times. Only your surgeon performs the required procedures such as placing implants. Also, at any stage, your surgeon can decide to continue without the assistance of the Renaissance.
  3. What should I expect before my surgery?
    You will have CT images taken of your spine in preparation for your procedure. Your surgeon will use 3D planning software with your CT images to create a unique surgical blueprint, which is the ideal surgery for your condition. Ask your surgeon for more information about how Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance will be used for your surgery.