Winter Weather Updates

Updated January 9, 2017 at 10:30 a.m.

All Sentara hospitals, free-standing emergency departments and urgent care centers are operating normally. However, due to the snow accumulation and dangerous condition of the roads, Sentara hospitals urge visitors with loved ones in the hospital to stay in touch by phone, Skype or email until the roads are cleared.

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Sentara Urgent Care Centers, freestanding ERs are operating normally

All eight Sentara Urgent Care locations across Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina are operating normal business hours. Patients in need of immediate care for minor illnesses and injuries are encouraged to visit to reserve a spot in line for care before arriving at any location.

For a complete list of Sentara Urgent Care locations, please visit

Sentara Freestanding 24-Hour Emergency Departments

General information about Sentara hospitals in bad weather

Sentara hospitals are not public shelters.

  • Every city and county has an Emergency Services or Emergency Management department that operates public shelters during hurricanes. Before a storm, find your local emergency manager. 

Sentara hospitals can support only in-patient ventilators.

  • Our hospitals may be on limited emergency power during or after a storm and will be unable to accommodate home-based patients on ventilators or other medical equipment.
  • Patients who require ventilators at home should take precautions by purchasing a home generator or evacuating to a shelter with power.
  • Some local emergency management agencies have designated ‘Medically Friendly Shelters’ for which patients with special medical needs can pre-register
  • Register with Dominion Virginia Power as an ‘Electrically Dependent’ customer to alert the power company of your medical needs. However, this may not result in quicker restoration of service after widespread outages.
  • For those with serious medical conditions that require electricity, Dominion Virginia Power requires a form be submitted and updated annually.
  • To learn more, call 888-667-3000.

Sentara hospitals can support only in-patient dialysis.

  • Kidney dialysis patients at home should make treatment arrangements with their community providers before severe weather strikes.
  • Dialysis providers are required to make provisions to treat patients during power outages and other emergencies.
  • The National Kidney Foundation’s Richmond office has a list of dialysis providers at 804-288-8342.

Surgeries and cancer treatments may be rescheduled.

  • Hospital staff may contact patients during a bad storm to postpone outpatient procedures, chemotherapy and radiation treatments until after the storm.
  • Our hospitals may be on limited emergency power, and it may be unsafe to drive to appointments until the storm has passed and roads are clear of snow and ice.

Sentara parking decks and lots are for staff during storms.

  • Sentara parking decks and parking lots are reserved for staff and physicians working or sheltering at our hospitals during storms.
  • Please do not use Sentara parking lots or garages to protect your vehicles from snow or flooding.

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