Cancer services in Northeast North Carolina are provided at the Sentara Cancer Center.

About the Sentara Cancer Center

Treating cancer isn’t just about fighting a disease – it’s about helping a person heal. It isn’t just about prescriptions, technology, and treatment options – it’s also about caring. Because we understand it takes more than medicine, the Sentara Cancer Center is committed to helping you heal.

Once you and your doctor have decided to consider radiation treatment for your cancer, you’ll meet with us. We’ll review your test results, and your medical history. We’ll examine the type of cancer you have. And, just as importantly, we’ll talk to you. If everyone agrees radiation therapy should be part of your treatment, then we’ll begin.

With our sophisticated technology, we map out every step in your treatment – before even the first dose of radiation is given. Our state-of-the-art 3-D imaging system allows us to pinpoint where the radiation needs to go, and to avoid healthy tissue as much as possible. We use our simulator to assist in determining the correct path for the beams to take. Once everything is planned, you’ll begin undergoing treatments, which last 15 to 20 minutes each, in our linear accelerator.

You’ll come for treatments Monday through Friday and the number of treatments you receive will be determined by your diagnosis.

Conquering cancer can be difficult on your own. So, we’ve assembled a special team of caring professionals to help you, including a board certified radiation oncologist, an oncology certified nurse manager, highly trained radiation therapists, a skilled radiation dosimetrist, and friendly office staff. Each individual plays an important part in making your treatment successful – together, we’ll care for you.

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